"EXPtr" is an expense and note management app, which has all the following capabilities. About the expenses MGNT: - use an OCR framework developed at ...

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"EXPtr" is an expense and note management app, which has all the following capabilities. About the expenses MGNT: - use an OCR framework developed at M.I.T. to read your printed receipt amounts - manage 6 wallets [1..6] independently, which can also be named - set your budget, expense, and payment categories for what you need - set budget limits for each budget categories and track real expenses within budget limits - use any currencies for your expenses and/or budgets, converted with their keyed in respective exchange rates, from the following 33 currencies : USD, GBP, euro ,JPY, CNY, DKK, SEK, NOK, CHF, AUD, MXN, bitcoin, TRL, ILS, MYR, RUB, SAR, ZAR, BRL, CAD, HRK, CZK, EGP, GIP, INR, JEP, guilder, PLN, RON, SGD, HKD, *dollar, *pound - define one currency to be used as a wallet denominated currency for any selected wallets, and enter your expenses in any currencies, which then will be converted into the wallet denominated currency - graphic display of your expenses, trends, budgets versus expenses - calculate tips and optimized shared (restaurant) bills - take a picture of your receipts, which can be later included in your expense summary report - share and import expense w/ pic receipt, applicable as debt or credit, via email in a .niceTIPS file format - include copy 6 function, allowing to copy every new expense entered in any currency from any selected wallet [1..5] into wallet 6, which itself can be denominated in any currency - provide a simple one page tutorial for each view About the notes MGNT: - organize your notes as small files, which can be separately combined, (f.i. to add an html signature to an email) - a note can be easily edited with new info piggybacking old info when saved, or with the entire content is saved/overwritten as a new file. - note(s) can be shared as is in an email, or in an email attachment (.txt) - selected note(s) can be enhanced as email content with up to 5 pictures and/or a movie - an audio file (one per note file) can be created, which can be listened to and emailed as attachments (dictaphone function) - a B/W picture (one per note file) can be created and email as attachments - a note can be posted (facebook or twitter) - a note can be searched from the list using a search key - a view to consult all the note files (text, picture, audio), without the option to modify them - a note content can be created or enhanced in using OCR text extracted from a static picture (longer text), or from a direct capture (short block) in all 18 languages - use of short cuts to convert to file name with date extension (f.i. "notes" or "news") and convention to format text (f.i. "::" or "--" for return character) - share and import notes via email in a .niceCHATS file format - use Optical Character Recognition to extract text from a static b/w image or dynamic capture in the following 18 languages : English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, Esperanto, Russian, Turkish, Afrikaner - provide a simple one page tutorial for each view


Technical specifications

Version: 47.0

Size: 56.63 MB


Price: 5,99 €

Developed by SeeknExceed

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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