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EZ Balance2 is the easiest app for tracking your cash, expenses, debit cards, credit cards, checking accounts, tax deductions, purchases, sales, project ...

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EZ Balance2 is the easiest app for tracking your cash, expenses, debit cards, credit cards, checking accounts, tax deductions, purchases, sales, project costs, trip costs, vacation cost or almost anything else. You can manage up to 6 separate accounts. Knowing how you spent your money and your account balance can be very valuable and help you avoid going over your limit or having to pay any overdraft fees. RECURRING TRANSACTIONS EZ Balance2 can handle your recurring transactions automatically. Simply specify the amount, next occurrence date, and frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and the transaction automatically gets placed into your account balance on the correct day. At any time, you can view all your recurring transactions and edit them as required. EASY TO USE This app is very easy to use because it has a large custom numeric keypad and you only need to enter the amount and tap “Add” or “Spend. ” If you want to add a transaction description, just type it or select one from the description selection wheel. The optional pending flag makes it very easy to balance your checkbook. New items default to “Cleared” but you can mark them as “Pending”. When an item is pending it is not added or subtracted from the total. This makes it easy to balance your account. Just mark the items that have not cleared yet as “Pending” and the balance on your statement should match the Cleared Balance. The transaction date is automatically added for you. However you can edit the date and the item will be inserted in the correct chronological order. This also allows you to add an item that you forgot. Just add the item, edit the date and it will be inserted at the correct place in the list. SECURE With EZ Balance2, you don’t need to access any web sites and all of your account files are stored locally. All your files are backed up automatically when you backup your app and you can also backup your files as an email attachment. If you want, you can assign an optional password to the app. BACKUP AND RESTORE You can backup up all of your account information including your recurring transactions to any email address with a single command. At anytime you can use the email with the attached account files to restore your account information. You can also transfer your account information to any other device that has the EZ Balances2 App. FLEXIBLE DESCRIPTIONS With EZ Balance2 you can just type a description or you can customize the description list by adding new descriptions and deleting existing ones. The new descriptions appear in your list of descriptions in alphabetical order. CUSTOM REPORTS EZ Balance2 lets you generate custom reports by specifying the data range and any transaction description or amount. Reports shows the date, pending flag, description, amount, balance and cleared balance. You can optionally email the report to yourself or anyone else. FEATURES & BENEFITS SUMMARY • Six account balances for all your needs • Recurring transactions to simplify input • iPad support in landscape • Account names & colors for easy id • Backup and restore • Large numeric keyboard for easy entry • Keyboard clicks for audible confirmation • Mute mode when silence is desired • Backspace key for ease of data entry • Date added to transaction automatically • Add and delete descriptions • Custom scrolling list to view all transactions • “See All” to get to any transaction quickly • Easy editing to correct any mistakes • Auto decimal point placement • Pending flag for easy reconciliation • Optional password for security • Custom reports by data range • Custom reports by description or amount • Email report to yourself or anyone else


Technical specifications

Version: 4.2

Size: 1.08 MB


Price: 3,33 €

Developed by Robert Wohnoutka

Day of release: 2011-02-11

Recommended age: 4+

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