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Hey, you! Got Smaatz? Sure you do! And you`ve just found a way to get even “smaater!” Smaatz is an innovation in mobile learning and marketing ...

Discontinued App


Hey, you! Got Smaatz? Sure you do! And you’ve just found a way to get even “smaater!” Smaatz is an innovation in mobile learning and marketing that makes it fun and easy for users to get the smarts they need, whether it’s for that new job, to do better in school, to excel at trivia gamesâ€â€or to learn about YOUR product, service, or organization. What’s a Smaatz? It’s Bostonian for “smarts” and a unique multiple choice quiz presented through the EZ-IQ app. Smaatz questions, answers and clues are especially designed to transfer information into the user’s brain (right where you want it!) making learning almost effortless. In the process they build peak mental fitness without having to play a bunch of boring brain games. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FEATURES: •All versions comes with 12 preloaded Smaatz subjects including animals, Super Bowl Trivia, English Idioms, IT Interview Prep and more •Carry your Smaatz quizzes in your pocket and enjoy captivating brain games anywhere you go •Export and Import any number of Smaatz topics created by friends and others via Dropbox, email, Facebook and Twitter ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Reviews for Standard edition (the free version of EZ-IQ) Average Customer Ratings : 4.4/5.0 stars - 5 STARS! - “Really great IQ app, with smooth graphics and user interface” - 5 STARS! - “Good for improving our IQ level. Really challenging, Intelligent &brainy concept” - 5 STARS! - “Great - Really Like trivia games so this one makes me curious.” The EZ-IQ Expert Edition has all the features of EZ-IQ Premium with one important extra: EZ-IQ Expert enables you to Brand your Smaatz. It’s like creating a digital business card with an attitude! Think about it. You can design a Smaatz to grab customer attention and hold it while displaying your logo. Or develop a Smaatz to introduce your products/service to customers in a unique and memorable way. You can create (and even copyright) a Smaatz to showcase your knowledge and expertise, giving new clients a reason to seek you out. Starting to see the possibilities? A Smaatz is not just a learning tool; it’s a powerful marketing tool that scales to businesses of every size. Use it to promote products, services, or expertise and for knowledge transfer. The ways to use Smaatz to engage and educate customers are endless. Smaatz is the future of mobile learning and mobile marketing. Download EZ-IQ Expert today for an innovative new tool that’s just plain “smaat!”


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Version: 1.14

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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