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Earn This Save That LT: Allowance, Chores, Banks, Goals & Rewards w/ Sync

Give EARN THIS SAVE THAT a trial run with the LITE version! Test out the bells and whistles before upgrading to the FULL version. Any data created in ...

Discontinued App


Give EARN THIS SAVE THAT a trial run with the LITE version! Test out the bells and whistles before upgrading to the FULL version. Any data created in the LITE version can be easily exported to the FULL version. EARN THIS SAVE THAT intuitively integrates kids allowance, chores, banks, goals and rewards across multiple iOS devices. Harrison is a typical 12-year-old boy with sports, video games and friends being his chief concerns. The problem: Harrison is always asking his mom and dad to buy things, how much money he has in his allowance, how much he has saved towards the new video game he wants and he is always getting into trouble for not doing his daily chores. Enter EARN THIS SAVE THAT, an iOS app that combines allowance management with chore tracking, banks, goals and rewards in an easy to use, intuitive interface. EARN THIS SAVE THAT not only provides clear, concise information to you and your children, but is also a parent’s best friend when it comes to teaching children of all ages the value of money. Get everyone in your family on the same page, eliminate the constant questions about allowance, track chore completions, track progress towards a financial goal and let children learn how to effectively manage their finances…get EARN THIS SAVE THAT. - DROPBOX SYNCING* - AUTOMATIC BACKUPS WITH RESTORE - PARENTAL CONTROLS - EMAIL & PRINT REPORTS* - TRACK MONEY, STARS AND TIME *Dropbox syncing & report printing available with full-version ALLOWANCE Set up unlimited, recurring allowances valued in money, stars or time and have them automatically applied to your child’s banks. Teach your child the value of saving and sharing by setting portions of their allowance to be automatically deposited into banks of your choice (like “Savings” and “Charity”). BANKS Set up unlimited banks to track money, stars or time with the ability to earn interest in money banks. With user-set conversion rates, transfer between bank value types. (As an example, trade your stars in for money or time.) CHORES Set up unlimited chores that automatically deposit to or withdraw from your child’s banks when completed. You can customize chores to be active on any given day or multiple days of the week, with the ability for one or multiple completions per day. You can also set a requirement that all weekly chores be completed before any payment is made (“all or none”) or allow for each chore completion to trigger a “per event” payment. With parental controls enabled children will have the ability to enter their own completed chores, while you will have the authority to approve them for payment. REWARDS Motivate your children with rewards that can instantly be purchased with the earned money, stars or time accumulated in their banks. GOALS Set up goals for those rewards that are beyond the immediate financial reach of your children. Help your children save for goals by having a portion of their earned allowances and chores automatically directed to their goals. PARENTAL CONTROLS Allowing your children to take ownership of their money management will help give them a solid financial foundation for their future. There may be times you want to restrict the level of control your child has over their finances. In those cases, you can enable Parental Controls to limit their authority while still encouraging their involvement and understanding. AUTOMATIC BACKUP & RESTORE EARN THIS SAVE THAT automatically backs up your data every time you open the app. You can restore the data in your app to a backup stored on your device at any time. DROPBOX SYNCING With a Dropbox account, you can enable automatic syncing of your data with other iOS devices. Stay in sync with your family and always know your child’s bank balances and chore statuses. PRINT AND EMAIL REPORTS With EARN THIS SAVE THAT you can easily email or print bank balances, bank history and chore reports directly from your phone via AirPrint.


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Version: 1.0.2

Size: 6.71 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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