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** Media App Award 2013 Winner **
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 "If only every book was like this ..." (iPadclub.nl)

 For less than 20% of ...

Discontinued App


** Media App Award 2013 Winner **
 ** SpinAward Nominee **

 "If only every book was like this ..." (iPadclub.nl)

 For less than 20% of the price of the hard copy book, the Earned Attention™ app includes the complete text in the shape of an e-book plus a host of special extras: full audio recordings with the visionaries interviewed, extensive profiles of the visionaries, interactive illustrations, the ability to contact the author directly from the app and a beautiful design will offer you a unique reading ‘experience’.

 Dutch marketers spend 4 billion euros on bought media attention every year. Meanwhile we have a commercial stimulus fired at us every 11 seconds of our waking hours. As a result, consumers avoid, work around or just plain block these stimuli. And that is how purchased brand attention loses its appeal. Earned Attention™ describes an alternative way to build brands in the digital age. The brands of tomorrow would rather talk with people than at them.

 This practical handbook includes: 
- strategic insights from fifty visionaries; - the latest communication models;
 - forty relevant case studies, including KLM, Hi, Miffy, Philips; 
 - useful checklists for social brand activation; 
 - Ways to earn brand attention; 
- the 'Journey Planner': six steps to prepare your brand for earned attention. --- ADDITIONAL CONTENT IN THE iPAD APP ---
 In addition to the full text of Earned Attention™ by Klaas Weima, which has the same attractive design and layout as the hard copy of the book, the iPad app includes these extras:
 - animated infographics;
 - hundreds of interactive highlighted sections throughout the book;
 - an interactive overview of all visionaries interviewed in the book;
 - links to the visionaries' social media profiles, websites and blogs;
 - complete audio recordings of all interviews with the visionaries, ideal for listening to while you read or on-the-go;
 - the ability to make notes as you read (My Notes): you can add 'sticky notes' with your own comments to each page. These are then neatly arranged in a handy overview so you can refer back to them easily;
 - an interactive appendix;
 - an interactive overview of all facts quoted in the book, ideal for sharing using social media;
 - an interactive version of the ‘Journey Planner’ to prepare your brand for earned attention;
 - bookmarks;
 - the ability to ask the author a question directly from the app.

New interviews with other visionaries will be added to the app via automatic updates.

 Earned Attention™ is not just a book; it's a multi-platform publication. Each of the features complements the others, making the most of the power of the medium. 
Earned Attention™ consists of: 
- the handbook (the hard copy of the text is your guidebook for the journey towards earned attention for your brand);
 - the blog (www.earnedattention.com), which details the latest developments relating to earned attention and the visionaries. It is also a space where readers can comment and discuss related issues; 
- the iPhone app (a free app which allows you to listen to the original interviews with the visionaries. To learn more about the visionaries, you just click through to their social media profiles, websites and blogs. New interviews will be added to the app as they become available);
 - the iPad app (this app includes all of the above features). 

Thanks to this multi-platform approach, users can access additional content using the method that suits them best. From free to paid, from physical to digital. These additional features ensure that the book remains current and completely up-to-date.

 HYPERLINK "http://www.earnedattention.com" www.earnedattention.com


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