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ONLY THIS CHRISTMAS! Easy Globe HD available for 75% off the regular list price! Easy Globe – the ultimate geography learning app for children and adults. ...

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ONLY THIS CHRISTMAS! Easy Globe HD available for 75% off the regular list price! Easy Globe – the ultimate geography learning app for children and adults. We have every map - Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas, Australia... And yes, we DO have relief maps, rivers, islands, and seas - does any other app in the App Store have all of them? Easy Globe is an app with interactive maps, games and powerful tools for learning geography for everyone! Choose from different maps: The Globe, Continental, and local... Explore the world - display data about the countries, islands, peninsulas, and highlands... See the Top 20 countries, rivers, cities, and more. It's all in here, and more to come. KEY FEATURES AND HOW TO USE THEM 1. Rich Map Sets. We only use top-quality, high resolution physical and political maps! No vector graphics, you can enjoy our high-resolution HD physical maps, detailed political maps and beautiful artwork. The application comes with a set of pre-loaded maps for various areas of Earth. Almost 50 maps are available: GLOBAL PACKAGE - it's all about the Earth. Continents & Oceans - see the world's continents and oceans (1 map). TOP 20 PACKAGE – Explore the big ones! 6 maps in the package: Countries - world's largest countries; Rivers - world's longest rivers; Islands - world's largest islands; Cities - world's largest agglomerations; World’s tallest mountains; World’s largest deserts SEAS OF THE WORLD- 3 maps: World Seas, The Largest Bays and Major Straits. POLITICAL MAPS PACKAGE- Political maps of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America (5 maps). ISLANDS AND PENINSULAS- Major islands and peninsulas of Europe, Africa, North and South America and Asia. (4 maps) RIVERS- Rivers of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America (4 maps) CITIES- The capitals of Europe, Africa and the Americas (4 maps). RELIEF – The highlands and lowlands of Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. (5 maps) LOCAL PACKAGE - United States: The States of America, Major U.S. Rivers and Lakes, Top US Cities, and the highest U.S. peaks. (4 maps) LOCAL PACKAGE – CANADA: States and Territories of Canada, Islands of Canada, and the Major Cities of Canada. (3 maps) LOCAL PACKAGE- UK: The British Isles. LOCAL PACKAGE- AUSTRALIA: Territories and Provinces of Australia, Australia Relief. 2. LEARNING MODE Each map can be explored - simply open it and tap the object you are interested in, to highlight it, and display the details. They might just be figures, like area, but maybe you will find some interesting and unusual facts about that certain feature... Play around freely! Not sure what to tap? Click the "Hot spot" button to see what's available. For Top 20 maps, see the rankings for the areas displayed. Maybe you live not so far away from the world's longest river? TESTING MODE Test your geography skills for each of the maps. Launch the "test mode" to see how good and how fast you can be, try to reach the maximum points for each map. The top scores will be saved for you to remember your best score. Be as fast as you can! Note: This version of the app is in English. But... Wszyscy maniacy geografii mówiący po polsku - mogą wypróbować Geografię Świata - czyli Easy Globe po polsku!! Do you like Easy Globe? Would you like more features, more content, more games...? Mail us at: support@easyglobe.pl; let us know what you like or what you don't like. Join our Facebook page to see what's new and what's coming. Find responses to your iTunes comments on Facebook! Have you found a bug? Disagree with the content (yes, some things are not obvious ;) - send an email to: support@easyglobe.pl . We promise to respond promptly.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 33.93 MB


Price: 3,73 €

Developed by ClearVision Sp. z o.o.

Day of release: 2010-11-13

Recommended age: 4+

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