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Ebo´s Adventures

This game is for children ages 2-5 that combines both entertainment, interactions and educational content into one. ......... Teaches children the ability ...

Discontinued App


This game is for children ages 2-5 that combines both entertainment, interactions and educational content into one. ......... Teaches children the ability to observe, analyze, then apply logical and judgment skills. ......... Teaches children the ability to think outside the box to solve problems. ......... Children can have fun through various adventures and collecting treasure items. ......... Easy to learn and smooth controls that children can easily adapt to. Product Contents: Our cute panda Ebo now finds himself in a forest where many adventure awaits! Now you children can too, join in on this great adventure where many games and puzzles await. Your children will need to think and use their brain to get past each level. So come and play with Ebo and help him through his adventures in the forest! This product contains 20 fun and educational mini-games. 1.Compare sizes. 2.Spot the different colors (Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple etc. ) 3.Spot the different shapes (Circle, Triangle, and Square) 4.Count the different numbers between 1-5 5.Pick an object based their number 6.Judge which has the most, which has the least 7.Find the one thing that is different from the rest. 8.Find the differences between two pictures. 9.Put the animals together. 10.Hide-and-seek. Find all the animals 11.Place animals in order based on height. 12.Play see-saw game based on animals different weight. 13.How numbers work (1-5), the differences between adding 1 more or subtract 1 less from the whole 14.Base on two conditions, find the correct item. 15.Fishing game, learning about numbers. 16.Find order, test your children’s logical deduction skills. 17.Puzzle games 18.Based on the picture, form the correct animal. 19.Understand the differences between “whole” and “part” of a whole. 20.“Card Flip” game, test your children’s memory. ............... We, at eBo Online Entertainment, specialize in intelligent games, educational games, books and other edutainment for children that are fun and easy to use! Please search for “eBo Online” in the App Store and you will find new products & updates every month. Current Selections are: Red Riding Hood Interactive Book HD Red Riding Hood Interactive Book Little Red Riding Hood Games HD by eBo Little Red Riding Hood Games by eBo The Ugly Duckling Interactive Game Book The Ugly Duckling Games by eBo Ebo’s Stories Ebo’s Farm HD Ebo’s Farm The Rainbow Colored Deer Interactive Game Book ............... Contact us at: ... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Eboonline ... YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caGayymbzNE ... Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/eBoonline ... e-mail: stories@eboentertainment.com


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