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Ebo´s Happy Farm Lite

Welcome to Ebo`s happy farm where you can play with Panda Ebo and his furry friends. Come play hide and seek and many other fun games. This game ...

Discontinued App


Welcome to Ebo’s happy farm where you can play with Panda Ebo and his furry friends. Come play hide and seek and many other fun games. This game is for kids 4-6 that allows them to practice their observation and thinking abilities. New game that is fun to play for your kids while educational to boot! ...Products contain 10 new educational mini-games. ...Teaches your kids abilities to judge, observe, analysis, compare, and practice their imagination ...Teaches your kids thinking and knowledge skills ...Have fun with Ebo and Eva, help them out with many farm activities. Highlights: ...Hide and Seek. Can you find the hidden animals on the farm? ...Angry Bulls. Separate the angry bulls away from each other. ...Hit the Market. Separate the different animals in order to hit the market. ...Hens and Eggs. Put the hens in order first, then sort the eggs. ...Fencing Problem. Check the damaged fence, then picked the correct piece to fix it. ...Pumpkin Teeter-Totter. Based on the info given, place the correct pumpkins onto the teeter-totter to balance it. ...Sheer the Wool. Match the name with the correct sheep to sheer its wool. ...Make Fruit Cider. Place the fruits in order, find the missing fruit then make some awesome fruit cider! ...My Garden. Test your children’s spatial orientation and placement. ...Cross the River. So, how good is your math? ............... We, at eBo Online Entertainment, specialize in intelligent games, educational games, books and other edutainment for children that are fun and easy to use! Please search for “eBo Online” in the App Store and you will find new products & updates every month. Current Selections are: Ebo’s Adventures Red Riding Hood Interactive Book HD Red Riding Hood Interactive Book Little Red Riding Hood Games HD by eBo Little Red Riding Hood Games by eBo The Ugly Duckling Interactive Game Book The Ugly Duckling Games by eBo Ebo’s Stories Ebo’s Farm HD Ebo’s Farm The Rainbow Colored Deer Interactive Game Book ............... Contact us at: ... Facebook: http://www.facmaliebook.com/pages/Ebo-online/218788611475538?v=wall ... YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caGayymbzNE ... Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/eBoonline ... e-mail: stories@eboentertainment.com


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