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Ecocritique is now a comprehensive Environmental Networking system! We at Ecocritique believe that passion for the environment isn't limited to just ...

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Ecocritique is now a comprehensive Environmental Networking system! We at Ecocritique believe that passion for the environment isn't limited to just enviornmental issues or study. The Ecocritique App and website are a new means of environmental networking, and can help passionate people re-connect with their surroundings through technology. Users can mark a location, anywhere on the globe, where they have noticed environmental misdeeds or best practices worth noting. Users may also collect data about a Species they are tracking, Geo-data, Paleo-data, or Water-data. Their review of the location then appears on a map and in Augmented Reality. Entries can be viewed on the Ecocritique App, Ecocritique.com, or Layar. The App uses categories (including Air, Earth, Water, Field Ecology, Green Hospitality, Green Restaurants, Green Policies, and Green Businesses) to break down entries into discrete, searchable elements. Many subcategories help to further delineate each critique. Users can search Ecocritique to find areas near them where environmental conditions have been improved by a green policy, or read reviews of recommended eco-resorts or restaurants with green practices. Ecocritique can be used by hikers who notice illegal dumping or invasive species- they can file an Ecocritique right from the trail or essentially create their own Nature Hike and share it on Facebook or Twitter. Students can use Ecocritique to more fully understand the relationship between specific natural sites and the broader geography of their region. Science professors can use Ecocritique as a tool for teaching data collection With a send-mail function in place Ecocritique can send an email to the appropriate contact at that location, letting them know that they have been Ecocritiqued or simply notify someone on your team about a new discovery. Ecocritique also accepts multiple photo attachments that aid in the documentation. As the Green Revolution continues, and the user becomes even more aware of crucial environmental issues, Ecocritique will evolve its functionality to keep in step. You can contribute to the cause by making suggestions on improvements. With Ecocritique we can all be Environmental Stewards! *Please click Sign Up to join Ecocritique. *Ecocritique does not allow the posting of private homes on the map. Ecocritique doesn’t allow for rude, malicious, or vulgar comments and they will be deleted.


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