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Economy picking (aka Sweep Picking) is a whole new world of unique possibilities and technical achievements on a guitar. It is hard to imagine a guitarist, ...

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Economy picking (aka Sweep Picking) is a whole new world of unique possibilities and technical achievements on a guitar. It is hard to imagine a guitarist, who would not want to achieve a technical perfection :) . EP gives you an ability to reach the shortest way of mastering the secrets of performing art! Fonexsis integrates all existing licks of EP in one single application for you! ●● Economy picking technique is a combination of Sweep picking and Alternate picking technique. Sweep picking is a technique that allows guitarists to play exercises rapidly by picking two or more strings in the same direction (up or down) with a single stroke. Alternate picking is a guitar playing technique that employs strictly alternating down and up picking strokes in a continuous run. The aim is to minimize movement in the right hand, in contrast with alternate-picking technique. Here is a brief list of guitarists, who used to apply EP technique in their songs: Tosin Abasi, Frank Gambale, Yngwie Malmsteen, Les Paul, Eric Johnson, Jan Akkerman, Chet Atkins, Vinnie Moore, Michael Angelo. Modern metal style guitarists: Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Richie Kotzen. By having this app, you will not need to buy a numerous guitar video lessons. This app is also giving you a material to learn rhythm (3/4, 9/4, 5/4 measures etc), as well as musical theory material (modes, arpeggio, sequences). There's no analogue in App Store!!! Economy Picking Guitar School FEATURES: -------------------------------------------------- ● 522 different economy picking exercises (incl. Sequences, Arpeggios, Neo-classic and 12 Tone Sequences) ! ● Each can be transposed to any desired key by dragging the notes with your finger! ● Open strings exercises featured, which can also be transposed on a guitar by using a capodaster (capo) ● Every exercise is provided with corresponding optimal fingering ● Every exercise is provided with a sequence of strokes, showing you necessary strokes for every note of the exercise. These strokes (pick up, pick down, pull-off, hammer on, slide) are provided to help you to achieve high speed arpeggios and sequences playing. Please read the info page inside this application for detailed description on every stroke. ● Voice helper function helps you in learning by speaking the strokes during playback in slow tempo and when in Step mode ● Harmony feature: you can see and listen to the chords, over which a current exercise can be played. This feature can be switched off when it is unnecessary. You can also use given chord progressions for your compositions. ● Cursor can display note names or fingering (selectable) ● Notes can display note names or fingering (selectable) ● Degree indicator. It allows you to learn exercise's scale steps in detail. (Degree on/off toggle is located at the bottom of the Settings page) ● Step-by-step note playback in both directions for more detailed learning or exercises ● Metronome feature with adjustable tempo and bell sound, includes different measures ● Metronome pre count feature with different adjustable settings ● Adjustable volume balance between harmony and guitar solo sounds ● Two guitar sound banks (Acoustic and Distortion) to select ● Six selectable harmony timbres to choose from ● Stereo Chorus FX for harmony chords at your choice ● Reverb FX for guitar sounds ● Master Tune option ● iPad Pro, iPhone 7 / 7 Plus native resolution screen support ● All Fonexsis applications are supported by free updates


Technical specifications

Version: 3.3

Size: 14.52 MB


Price: 21,18 €

Developed by Fonexsis

Day of release: 2012-07-25

Recommended age: 4+

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