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** This app allows you to download the ExamSolutions.net videos on your phone and watch them off line anywhere, anytime! Happy learning :-) ** If you’ve ...

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** This app allows you to download the ExamSolutions.net videos on your phone and watch them off line anywhere, anytime! Happy learning :-) ** If you’ve seen ExamSolutions.net desktop version but want the ease of use on your iPhone or iPad without the adverts but with all the video tutorials then this app is for you or your school. Each app in this series covers the essential topics for the module, presenting them in short video tutorials and explained in a clear mathematical style so as you can progress quickly and smoothly through the topics. There are further supplementary exercises and worked solutions from past papers for you to try, essential to improving your grade. It is like having your own personal tutor but at a fraction of the cost. You can pause, rewind, play again and again and learn at your own pace. Learn on the go or place a video in your favourites to view later. This is a valuable resource that will work side by side with a text book and should help you to get the grade you want, whether you are at school, college or just studying on your own. Module Content Prior Knowledge: - Expanding Brackets - Solving Equations (Linear type) - Pythagoras Theorem - Trigonometry (Right-Angled Triangles) Algebra and Functions: - Indices - Multiplication - Division - Negative indices - Fractions raised to a negative index - Rational (fractional) indices - Simplifying (negative powers) - Expressing terms in the form ax^n - Equations - finding the power Surds: - Multiplication rule - Combining and simplifying - Division rule - Rationalising - Surds on a calculator Functions: - Notation Factorising: - Introduction - HCF types - Grouping types - Quadratic expressions - HCF (Highest Common Factor) types - Difference of two squares type - Trinomials - Completing the Square - How to do it - Various other types - Applications - Sketching graphs - Quadratic Equations - Solve by factorising - Solve by completing the square - Solve by formula - Proof of quadratic formula - Extension - Solving in some function of x - Roots and the Discriminant - Quadratic Graphs - Sketching quadratic graphs - Polynomials Graph Transformations: - Basic graphs used in transformations - Translations - y = f(x ± a) and y = f(x) ± a - translation parallel to the x-axis - translation parallel to the y-axis - Reflections - y = - f(x) and y = f(-x) - Stretches - y = af(x) - y = f(ax) Simultaneous Equations: - Elimination method for linear types - Substitution Method - linear and quadratic types Inequalities: - Linear inequalities - Rules for reversing the inequality sign - Solving a linear type - Solving a double inequality - Quadratic inequalities Sequences and series: - Recurrence relationships - Sigma notation - Arithmetic sequences and series - Sum of the first n terms Coordinate geometry: - Gradient - Line segment - Parallel lines - Perpendicular lines - Lines - Equation of a line - Distance between two points - Mid-point of a line segment - Equation of a parallel line - Equation of a perpendicular bisector - Intersection of graphs - Two straight lines - Parabola and a straight line - Nature of intersection - Tangent to a curve (one root) - Hyperbola and straight line Differentiation: - Introduction - The gradient function dy/dx - Differentiation from 1st principles - Terms of the form ax^n - Extending to root types - Extending to fractional types - The second derivative - Tangents and Normals Integration:... Past Papers (selection):...


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Day of release: 2013-09-24

Recommended age: 4+

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