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** This app now allows you to download the ExamSolutions.net videos on your phone and watch them off line anywhere, anytime! Happy learning :-) ** If ...

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** This app now allows you to download the ExamSolutions.net videos on your phone and watch them off line anywhere, anytime! Happy learning :-) ** If you’ve seen ExamSolutions.net desktop version but want the ease of use on your iPhone or iPad without the adverts but with all the video tutorials then this app is for you or your school. Each app in this series covers the essential topics for the module, presenting them in short video tutorials and explained in a clear mathematical style so as you can progress quickly and smoothly through the topics. There are further supplementary exercises and worked solutions from past papers for you to try, essential to improving your grade. It is like having your own personal tutor but at a fraction of the cost. You can pause, rewind, play again and again and learn at your own pace. Learn on the go or place a video in your favourites to view later. This is a valuable resource that will work side by side with a text book and should help you to get the grade you want, whether you are at school, college or just studying on your own. Module Content Vectors: - What is a vector and a scalar quantity? - Notation - Position vectors - Equal and negative vectors - Combining vectors - Addition and subtraction of vectors - Magnitude of a 2 dimensional vector - Unit vectors - Velocity / acceleration vectors - (see under kinematics) Kinematics: - Displacement - Displacement Time Graphs - Motion in a Straight Line - Constant acceleration (suvat) - Horizontal motion - Exam Questions on horizontal motion - Vertical motion under gravity - book falling from a shelf - stone thrown upwards at ground level - ball thrown upwards from a balcony - Exam Questions on vertical motion under gravity - Velocity Time Graphs - Introduction - Exam questions - Velocity vectors - Calculating a speed and bearing - example - Calculating a velocity given speed and direction - example - Calculating the position vector after time t - Constant velocity as a rate of change of position vectors - Exam questions on velocity vectors - Constant acceleration vectors - Acceleration as a vector Statics of a particle: - Mass - weight - Force diagrams - Newtons 3rd law - Resolving Forces - two forces at an angle - three or more forces at an angle - Equilibrium - Equilibrium of a particle - Exam Questions - Friction - What is friction, limiting equilibrium and the coefficient of friction? - Exam Questions Equlibrium of a rigid body: - Moments - What is the moment of a force? - Horizontal rods / planks / beams in equilibrium resting on one support - Horizontal rods / planks / beams in equilibrium resting on two supports - Tilting example - Exam Questions Dynamics: - Newton's Law of Motion - F=ma - Motion on a horizontal rough plane - Motion on a smooth inclined plane - Motion on a rough inclined plane - Connected Particles - Introduction - Vertical strings over a smooth pulley - Horizontal planes - Smooth horizontal plane with string passing over a pulley - Inclined planes - Animation of motion - Particle on a rough inclined plane with string passing over a smooth pulley - Force on pulleys - Force on a pulley - Exam questions Momentum and impulse: - Two particles colliding and then separating - Two trucks colliding and moving off as one particle - A bullet being fired from a gun - Exam Questions on momentum - Impulse - Exam Questions on momentum and impulse


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Day of release: 2013-09-24

Recommended age: 4+

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