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** This app now allows you to download the ExamSolutions.net videos on your phone and watch them off line anywhere, anytime! Happy learning :-) ** If ...

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** This app now allows you to download the ExamSolutions.net videos on your phone and watch them off line anywhere, anytime! Happy learning :-) ** If you’ve seen ExamSolutions.net desktop version but want the ease of use on your iPhone or iPad without the adverts but with all the video tutorials then this app is for you or your school. Each app in this series covers the essential topics for the module, presenting them in short video tutorials and explained in a clear mathematical style so as you can progress quickly and smoothly through the topics. There are further supplementary exercises and worked solutions from past papers for you to try, essential to improving your grade. It is like having your own personal tutor but at a fraction of the cost. You can pause, rewind, play again and again and learn at your own pace. Learn on the go or place a video in your favourites to view later. This is a valuable resource that will work side by side with a text book and should help you to get the grade you want, whether you are at school, college or just studying on your own. Module Content Representing Data: - Mean for discrete data - Mean - Exam Questions - Median and Quartiles for discrete data - Median, Lower and Upper Quartiles - Exam Questions - Cumulative frequency curves - Estimating the median from a grouped frequency table - Exam Questions - Standard deviation - Standard deviation from frequency tables - Exam Questions - Statistical diagrams - Stem and leaf diagrams - Box and whisker plots - Exam Questions - Histograms - Exam Questions Probability: - Possibility space diagrams - Tree diagrams - Probability tree diagrams - Combining probabilities - Conditional probability - Exam Questions - Venn Diagrams - What are they? - Conditional probability - P(AUB) - Summary (Independent, Dependent and Mutually Exclusive Events) - Exam Questions Discrete random variables: - Probability distribution tables - Cumulative distribution function F(X) - Expected values E(X) - Variance, Var(X) - Linear combinations of random variables - E(X+a), E(X-a) and E(aX) - Exam Questions The normal distribution: - The Standard Normal Distribution Z~N(0,1) Using tables - Calculating P(X<x) where x>µ - Calculating P(X>x) where x>µ - Calculating P(X>x) where x


Technical specifications

Version: 3.3

Size: 3.11 MB


Price: 2,53 €


Day of release: 2013-09-24

Recommended age: 4+

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