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EduCards Polish 1000 Most Frequently Used Words

EduCards Polish 1000 most frequent words is an app for effective learning of Spanish for beginners. It will help you memorize new words easily and in ...

Discontinued App


EduCards Polish 1000 most frequent words is an app for effective learning of Spanish for beginners. It will help you memorize new words easily and in a pleasant way but also acquaint yourself with words use in real-life sentences and improve your pronunciation. Fiszki is a proven learning method elaborated by a German scientist Sebastian Leitner. It has been a way of independent and systematic language learning for thousands of people for almost 40 years. The EduCards app contains various additional options: material review, quiz and "add words". You will always have your EduCards at hand: on your iPhone or iPod. You can learn anytime you want! EduCards contains: - 1000 words essential for communication in Polish at A1-A2 level - Pronunciation recordings of every word read by professional native presenters - 1000 model sentences with translation – you always learn the use of new words in context - Practical and convenient division into 40 interesting subject areas - Revision system that helps you learn faster What will you learn with EduCards? In the "EduCards Polish 1000 most frequent words” set you will find the most frequent Polish words. We chose the most up-to-date, popular and characteristic vocabulary of contemporary Polish language. The mastery of the material comprised in this unique set enables effortless communication on basic level and understanding of the majority of Spanish texts. Model sentences that show the exemplary use of a word are ready communication patterns, which can be used especially by beginners. Thanks to recordings, made by native speakers, you can learn the correct pronunciation and accent. The words are divided in 40 most popular subject areas, i.e. general expressions, time, character traits, appearance, house, school, work, direction and movement, animals, food and kitchen, family, finances, business, shopping, law, computer, internet, media, thoughts and feelings, health, politics, travel and much much more. Why EduCards learning app is so effective and helping people learn? - A trusted method of systematic material repetition is used - Repetitions are automatically scheduled by the app, it saves your time - You can choose between two language options: first the spanish word, then the english one or vice versa With EduCards you can learn any time anywhere. Essential and contemporary vocabulary, model sentences its exemplary use, pronunciation recordings, quizzes and repetitions altogether compose an unique set for effective polish learning.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 8.76 MB


Price: 3,59 €

Developed by Edgard jezykiobce.pl

Day of release: 2012-02-15

Recommended age: 4+

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