EduMe "Times Tables" is developed together with children for practicing the first 10 multiplication tables. The special feature of this app is the way ...

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EduMe "Times Tables" is developed together with children for practicing the first 10 multiplication tables. The special feature of this app is the way the children can practice by making the multiplication sums which differs from the standard multiplication games. The structure is made as simple as possible and it looks like a real training booklet with pages. Each of the 100 pages contains an exercise with sums. EduMe "Times Tables" contains in total 100 exercises. The exercises are grouped into ten chapters. Each chapter contains ten exercises for practicing a specific multiplication table. Within a chapter the exercises graded from easy to difficult. This learning method comes in every chapter in the same way back so the child can get used to this and the subsequent chapters can be practiced easily. Also, the order of the multiplications is listed from easy (starting with the multiply by 1) to hard (ending with multiply by 9). However, due to the design of the app in the form of a booklet, you can always choose a different order. The app contains on the second page an interactive content page where all exercises are visible with color-coding. The white colored exercises needs still to be done. The yellow colored exercises are completed with errors and should be done once again. Finally the green colored exercises are done flawlessly. The goal is to get all the blocks green. During the construction of this app we've seen that many children love to simply carry briefly sums and this preferably not in the form of game where time plays a role. Therefore, the exercises are very simple without complicated game elements and without the child is nervous because there is a time constrain. You'll see, as the exercises progress, the speed of resolving itself goes up. The first exercises will be more focused to learn the sums. When you do more exercises, the exercises focus on repeating the sums in different orders. The exercises in the beginning follows through a fixed sequence, the latter exercises are different every time. Also, the exercise is not too large. This allows you to practice short on daily moments with the child. In practice, it takes between 5 and 10 minutes to do an exercise. This is the perfect app to practice the multiplication sums on school or at home shortly so the learning effort can be divided during the week. At the end of the making an exercise, the errors can be reviewed together with the child. These outcomes are visible immediately after doing the exercise but also later, for example when the app was closed. The app is localized in the following languages: English, Dutch, Polish, German, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.13

Size: 9.34 MB


Price: 2,56 €

Developed by Cornelis Huige

Day of release: 2013-08-23

Recommended age: 4+

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