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Kids learning has never been more fun than with this unique learning system! Children can pick from one of three games to learn with 10 categories and ...

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Kids learning has never been more fun than with this unique learning system! Children can pick from one of three games to learn with 10 categories and 15 levels in each game to keep them engaged and wanting to learn more. ---The Learning System--- This game offers a unique learning system which has been proven to keep children interested by randomly selecting from a range of objects to display in any given level. This way your child can play the game over and over and will constantly be learning instead of just remembering what the correct answer was. Your children will experience and learn from the following 10 categories: Fruits, Vegetables, Shapes, Pets, Wild Animals, Sea Creatures, Reptiles, Clothing, Vehicles and Everyday objects such as a book, pencil, backpack etc. They can also select to display objects from all the categories at once as an added challenge. Children are rewarded with a positive sound and fun animations to reinforce they are doing well and to encourage them to continue. ---The Games--- In the puzzle game, children will see an outline of an image as well as its counterpart on the left hand side of the screen. Your child will then slide and snap the adorable and friendly puzzle pieces from the left hand side into place to complete the puzzles. In the memory game, the levels will alternate between two types of levels. One type will show an object and then the object will disappear. After a few seconds a bunch of objects will be displayed and the children have to select the original object that was displayed. The other type is the classic memory game where a set of cards are shown to the children, and they must pick and match each pair. In the coordination game, children will guide an object through a series of mazes and obstacles to reach the finish line. This is great fun and really important to develop great motor skills from an early age. --- The Skills and Areas to Learn and Improve--- This game focuses on improving and helping your children to learn more in the following areas: -Memory -The logic to solve puzzles -Build and practice cognitive skills -Distinguish and associate forms -Responsiveness -Visual spatial skills -Associate and relate -Distinguish shapes and colours -Build on tactile and fine motor skills This App has the perfect balance between education and fun, as the title emphasises. So our games aren't just fun and addictive, but are also constantly educating the children and helping them further their skills and knowledge.


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