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Eductic ~ Learn vocabulary effectively using flashcards

"Great App. !!! Thank you !" -- DeGiant, ............... "This app has a gorgeous interface, and matches the iPhone standard look. It helps learn new ...

Discontinued App


"Great App. !!! Thank you !" -- DeGiant, ............... "This app has a gorgeous interface, and matches the iPhone standard look. It helps learn new things quickly, and is very intuitive. Compared to other apps, this one is amazing, and the developer(s) put a lot of thought into it. It has really helped me learn Spanish, ..." -- Josh Grant, ............... "Excellent App; Adam Zdara, has shown some real intelligence in providing a precise single touch mechanism for rating a flash card. Most other spaced learning flashcard programs expect you to rank a card anywhere from 3 (imprecise) choices to 5 (cumbersome) choices, all of which are error-prone. You can easily hit the wrong rank button or you have to slow down as you try to pick one of 5 choices. This innovative app provides a single slider button that is much more precise, quicker and far less error prone. Excellent work. Thank you." -- Userks, ............... "So far --- this is by far the best flashcard app I've tried. ..." -- KPPhoenix, ............ "Thank you for making this app ..." -- scott1000, ............... DESCRIPTION: Eductic is an simple app for learning foreign words, school materials, etc. The applied learning method helps remember various things quicker and for a longer period. Eductic optimizes learning by repeating the least learned words more often. Learning with Eductic is easy, quick, and effective. You can perfect your knowledge during a bus trip, in your favorite coffee shop, or at home in bed, basically everywhere you have your iPhone. FEATURES: - One-touch Rating Slider - Download from Quizlet.com - CSV File Import - Simple Set Editor - Archive - Inbox - Undo - Multimedia Cards - iTunes File Sharing - Sharing via E-Mail - Complex Statistics WHEN IS THE USE OF EDUCTIC A BENEFIT? It's great tool for learning foreign languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Klingon etc.) and preparing for exams - quick memorization of large quantities of learning materials. WHAT ARE FLASHCARDS? Flashcards are a method of learning that works by writing a question on one side of a card and the answer on the opposite side. During learning, you list through cards and based on your knowledge, you place them appropriately into the set so that you repeat more often the cards you do not know. EDUCTIC ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: http://www.facebook.com/eductic http://www.twitter.com/eductic


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Version: 2.1

Size: 2.37 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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