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Elly Book 6

Elly the Reindeer is back (with her very own theme tune !) in book 6, a seasonal tale in which we find  Elly waking up to a world covered in snow. Owl ...

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Elly the Reindeer is back (with her very own theme tune !) in book 6, a seasonal tale in which we find  Elly waking up to a world covered in snow. Owl has organised a snowman competition and Elly decides to join in the fun - but she has a surprise in store for her friends !   Join Elly and her woodland friends in her  latest seasonal tale. Here’s what the critics said about Elly the Reindeer. 1. giggleapps - "Like all the Elly books, this story has lovely, stylized drawings we have come to love and expect from these apps" Among all the highly interactive apps available to my son, he asks me to read his Elly books often and simply loves the snowbeasts from Book 6." "I think “Elly Book 5” and the entire “Elly the Reindeer” series in general are wonderful choices to read to even the youngest child who may have a short attention span or be overwhelmed by sounds, movements, and the tapping you find in other apps." 2. iphone4kids - "The apps have clean and beautifully structured illustrations, that make excellent use of colors and proportions, really helping on our kids’ visual education. Stories are simple and fun, the ones that kids ask us to read over and over." 3. CrazyMikesapps - "The book content is very nice and easy to read and would be a great group of books to read with anyone’s children." 4. theiphonemom - "I truly enjoy reading about Elly the Reindeer and her woodland friends. I find the illustrations adorable and the stories are clever and sweet.." This app contains NO ads, in-app purchases, push notifications, tracking, or any data collection whatsoever.  This app does contain a link to our Facebook page for more information and promotion details, and links to the iTunes app store in reference to our other similar apps. These links are found only on screens at the end of the app and independent of the book page screens. Dipali Vaidya is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families. 


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