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If you are using e-mails as part of your marketing strategy or customer contact, you absolutely need to learn from these 6 brilliant Videos. An e-mail ...

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If you are using e-mails as part of your marketing strategy or customer contact, you absolutely need to learn from these 6 brilliant Videos. An e-mail list is the most vital tool that you have at your disposal when marketing online, so it's important that you can reach those prospects! Yet, having a great list is of little use, when up to 96.2% of your email messages may be getting blocked and not making it through to your potential customers, because they are getting dropped right into the spam folder!! If your emails aren't getting delivered, neither is your sales message. Do you know what it takes these days to make sure your e-mails actually get delivered to your intended recipient’s inbox? E-mail deliverability is getting so incredibly complicated... Your e-mail could be triggering spam filters simply because they see bulk e-mail coming from you, or your list service and don't like it. A couple of spam complaints from people who really did subscribe, but maybe forgot, could get you in trouble with the ISP's and e-mail service providers if you don't know how to react. You may not have all of the proper pieces in place when it comes to actually mailing your message that demonstrates to the various e-mail services that you are honest and not a spammer. In the 6 Video lessons contained in this App, you are about to learn all of them, and how to easily combat them... You know those nice little features in our e-mail inbox that take care of all that horrible spam that we get every day? Pretty cool feature right? Not for small businesses. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for stopping unscrupulous spammers from getting into my inbox but e-mail that I want to receive often ends up flagged as spam. And because most people never even check their spam folder, they will never know that they aren't getting your e-mail if it ends up there. Get your E-Mails delivered! Unsolicited Spam has become an all out business epidemic, so the spam filters have progressed into a more aggressive level of filtering it out. This can be bad news for you, and your message. Let me ask you: Do you know how much of your e-mail is being delivered to your recipient’s inbox's versus how many are being delivered to the spam folder? Your answer, just as mine was, is probably "no." This means that you are sending your e-mail with the hope that it will arrive, but are not sure. If you've ever tried to read an article on e-mail deliverability or listen to a seminar, you already know that it can be impossible to understand. The biggest reason for this is the fact that there just aren't that many people out there that are experts on e-mail deliverability. If you do end up finding any kind of training, it's usually so complicated and full of technical garbage that you immediately do everything you can get away from it. Not this App! Are you ready for the easy e-mail deliverability solution in an easy to understand, watch-over-my-shoulder style? This is a partial list of some of what you are going to learn... ... Deliverability obstacles - ... Bounce basics - learn everything about bounced messages. ... Blocked e-mails & filters - ... Deliverability tips - ... Different filter types and how to get past them - ... Spam scores - ... Recommended mailers And more ! Get your E-Mails delivered! Learn how I went from declining sales numbers to all time high click throughs from my e-mails. 2 hours of simple to understand videos show you how to make sure your e-mail gets delivered without all of the complication. You don't have to be a genius to do this. Watch the videos, follow the steps, increase your deliverability. It really is that easy. Best of all, you get to learn how to get maximum clicks and sales from your list for less than the cost of a hamburger. Download, and - Get your E-Mails delivered!


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