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The Emotion Test is the world's most comprehensive, scientifically validated expressional intelligence test. It is backed by over a decade of facial expression ...

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The Emotion Test is the world's most comprehensive, scientifically validated expressional intelligence test. It is backed by over a decade of facial expression and vocalization coding research under the guidance of Dr. Dacher Keltner and colleagues at UC Berkeley, USA. It's simple. Take the test and you will get your results instantly. We will be introducing you to the importance of improving your communication skills via learning about human expression. Simple and quick to do - in 11 languages To do The Emotion Test, you will be presented with a series of facial expressions (images) and vocalizations (audio clips). It is your job to match the expression to the correct emotion by choosing which emotion you think best describes it. The Emotion Test (quick version) is designed for those who are pressed for time. It takes about 5 minutes to complete, and it has 20 questions. At the end, you will see how your overall test score compares to the rest of the world. This test is a general indicator of expressional intelligence, and it does not give you detailed results for each emotion. The Emotion Test + will give you the most accurate and complete analysis of your ability to recognize emotions in others. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete, and it has 80 questions. The detailed results will tell you how well you recognized all 20 individual emotions and show you how your scores compare to the rest of the world. Advantages •Validated in literature •Statistically reliable •Internationally tested •Quick and Comprehensive versions Applications This assessment measures empathic accuracy or expressional intelligence and is relevant to: •Working in a team •Awareness of one’s emotions •Communicating with others •Resistance to burnout and stress •Spreading positive emotion •Predicting managerial competence •Greater employee satisfaction Features •2 versions - Emotion Test and Emotion Test + •Both versions available in 11 languages •Assesses 20 universal emotions •Audio (sound required) and image recognition •iPad and web-based accessibility •Immediate results and feedback •Compare scores to averages •Emotion, stimuli and category review Recommended ages: From 12 to 112! You can do it with your younger children and help explain the emotions as you do it together - practising the sounds and remembering the faces of each emotion. We will be developing a version for younger children in the near future. If you have any questions or would like more information then contact: customer.service@cognisess.com Alternatively, go to www.cognisess.com More information Why do The Emotion Test? Throughout life we communicate with others, often without words. We do this by using nonverbal signals, such as facial expressions, eye contact, the tone of our voice and even our muscle tension and breathing. In fact we ‘talk’ even when listening - the way we observe and react to someone else can communicate a great deal to them, about how we’re feeling.


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