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You are staying in this relationship because you are so deeply invested in it, both emotionally & financially that you believe you have no where else ...

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You are staying in this relationship because you are so deeply invested in it, both emotionally & financially that you believe you have no where else to go now. Your ultimate fear is being all alone in life.You are hoping for the betterment but.. sadly sometimes hope can be paralyzing & prolongs the torment if it is invested in someone who is not sincere to you & your emotional well-being.You are not insane. Clear the doubt about what s/he is doing to you.Lying, Denying, Talking behind your back, Ruining your reputation, Turning people against you, Making other people interfere in your personal affairs to humiliate you, then acting real angry & hurt with teary eyes that s/he loves you & doesn't know what you are talking about & end up making you feel ashamed & guilty of suspecting him/her for believing other people.You are confused & don't know what to believe. You know you are being lied to but the lie is told with so much conviction & strong denial that you begin to doubt your own senses. It's a very dangerous & crazy making betrayal.A manipulative person lies & denies everything. S/he is always Pretending to be victimized by the victim. It's very frustrating arguing with him/her. S/he will shamelessly shift the blame on you & make you feel guilty, distrustful & paranoid.S/he deliberately creates situations to provoke you into saying & doing wrong things so that afterwards you feel guilty & end up giving him/her whatever s/he wants. This is how s/he manipulates & control you without your knowing about it.S/he on the other hand will never admit to thinking, saying or doing anything bad against you because s/he knows that if s/he does it then you will stop feeling guilty & s/he will lose all control over you.Victims feel empty, tired & without energy. Nothing interests them. They will sometimes contemplate Suicide.Hopelessness has drained your will to live.You quickly lose interest in everything & never finish what you start because you believe it won't make any difference. S/he will still lie & confuse you.You have become a habitual late comer at school/work. You don't feel like caring anymore though you were once ambitious & responsible.To the people you seem rigid & unreasonable & s/he a poor victim of your abuses which makes it even more traumatic, you end up going into hiding, depression because sadly his/her lies are more believable than your truth.You are struggling with the effects of emotional abuse such as lack of motivation, wandering attention, inability to concentrate, poor sleep, fatigue, day dreaming.Emotional Abuse is Power, not Love!
Because emotional abuse and love are opposites: if one is present, the other is gone.Everyday you are debating inside your head the question:
Does s/he really love me?Suicide is not a solution to the problems of life.
Depression is caused by mean people, not life.
Separate yourself from mean people, not life.
The best revenge is to live well.Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.Make use of this app today!
★The Future is Now★The information contained in this App builds & grows on you like a shield against depression & manipulative people because once you will have hope your life will rebuild itself.Share your struggle with other users. You are not alone anymore.People with low self-esteem are the easiest target for emotional manipulationSigns of low self esteem:
-feeling hopeless & depressed
-feeling bored with life
-having no motivation
-thinking there’s nothing to look forward to
-feeling tired a lot of the time
-feeling like a failure
-wishing life was betterChildhood experiences that lead to healthy self-esteem are:
-being praised & valued
-being listened to
-being respected
-getting attentionChildhood experiences that lead to low self-esteem are:
-being unfairly & harshly criticized
-being physically, mentally or emotionally abused
-being ignored, ridiculed or teased


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