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English 4 Lawyers: www.Eng4Law.com 'English 4 lawyers’ is an excellent app for lawyers and law students on the go. This one of a kind app. will help ...

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English 4 Lawyers: www.Eng4Law.com 'English 4 lawyers’ is an excellent app for lawyers and law students on the go. This one of a kind app. will help you decode the complex world of Legal English Terminology and its use in the world of law. ‘English 4 lawyers’ will help lawyers Understand judicial documents, contracts, and more. Law students can study for upcoming tests and practice Legal English Terminology. With over 1,450 useful Legal English terms, phrases, idioms and expressions divided into 12 complete English legal categories, this app acts as your perfect study partner and helps you study, improve, and master listening, reading, and writing skills. Study with 3 easy steps: 1. STUDY: Pick a category of legal English terms and study them with the help of the language of your choice. 2. MEMORIZE: Zip through flash cards with the flick of a finger, tap to "flip" it over, then listen to audio pronunciations to make sure you've got it right. 3. QUIZ: Test and evaluate your knowledge with a user friendly quiz that gives you your results right away. 'English 4 Lawyers' is the indispensable portable solution for learning the ins and outs of legal terminology. Download now and you'll be lawyering in English in no time!!! Features Include: -Over 1450 Legal English Terminology - SUBJECT GROUPING - Every term is organized in its own category to make it easy to find the terms you specifically want to learn. -Categories Include: General, Family, Evidence, Tort, Criminal, Coorperate, Contract, Public, Property, Execution, Intellectual Property, And Labor. - Multiple Choice Quizzes - MULTI LANGUAGE SUPPORT - Learn any term with the help of any of the various languages offered - USER FRIENDLY - Learn to use this app in no time with our beautifully designed menu. - EXCLUSIVE PLAYBACK -Every term has been recorded into the app with Ivona TTS technology for maximum clarity on pronunciation. - LEARN MODE -See the terms and their translation for the first time and get comfortable with them. - Shuffle Mode - Reorganize the order of the words for a more difficult learning experience. REVIEW MODE - - Use the best method known to mankind for studying every term individually. With over 1,450 digital flash cards of legal terms. - QUIZ MODE -Test your skills with an easy to use quiz at the end of every group of terms. - NO INTERNERT CONECTIVITY REQUIRED** - All content is locally stored for fast, portable learning without the need for a network connection Do all this whenever wherever!! ******* If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact us immediately at info@eng4law.com, All issues can be resolved quickly and easily! We read your emails every day and respond quickly to ensure an exceptional user experience for our customers.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 41.29 MB


Price: 4,38 €

Developed by Mor Scoop, LTD

Day of release: 2011-10-21

Recommended age: 4+

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