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English Irregular Verbs Trainer

Master the different forms of the most common English irregular verbs. Using this proven learning method you can easily master the various forms of over ...

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Master the different forms of the most common English irregular verbs. Using this proven learning method you can easily master the various forms of over 400 irregular verbs. Use this new application to quickly look up verb forms and tenses. Discover how easily you can learn to apply English verb conjugations in written and spoken communication. *** App has been updated and now runs also with iPhone OS 3.0 *** For example, do you know the past simple and past participle of the two verbs "lay" and "lie"? If not, this application is made for you. Advantages: + Over 1600 verb forms + Over 400 irregular verbs + Spaced repetition algorithm + Statistics to track learning progress + Paraphrases for all verbs to explain their meaning + Built-in help and short grammar points + No network connection needed + Future updates are free Spaced repetition is a learning technique in which increasing intervals of time are used between subsequent reviews. Loro gradually adopts the optimum spacing of repetitions. Pimsleur language courses are famous for using spaced repetition algorithms. Tenses and verb forms: * Past Participle * Past Simple * Present Participle * Present Simple List of verbs which are included in this release: abide, alight, arise, awake, be, bear, beat, become, befall, beget, begin, behold, belay, bend, bereave, beseech, beset, bespeak, bestrew, bet, betake, bethink, bid, bind, bite, bleed, blend, bless, blow, break, breed, bring, broadcast, browbeat, build, burn, burst, bust, buy, cast, catch, cheerlead, choose, clap, cleave, cling, clothe, come, cost, cowrite, creep, crossbreed, crosscut, crow, cut, dare, daydream, deal, dig, disprove, dive, do, draw, dream, drink, drive, dwell, eat, engrave, fall, feed, feel, fight, find, fit, flee, fling, fly, forbear, forbid, force-feed, forecast, forgo, foreknow, forerun, foresee, foreshow, foretell, forget, forgive, forsake, forswear, freefall, freeze, gainsay, gaslight, geld, get, gild, gird, give, gnaw, go, grave, grind, grow, hagride, hamstring, hang, have, hear, heave, hew, hide, hit, hoist, hold, housebreak, hurt, inbreed, indwell, inlay, input, inset, interbreed, intercut, keep, ken, kneel, knit, know, lade, lay, lead, lean, leap, learn, leave, lend, let, lie, light, lose, make, mean, meet, melt, miscast, mislay, misunderstand, moonlight, mow, naysay, offset, outbid, outdo, outdraw, outdrink, outfight, outgrow, outlay, output, outrun, outsell, outshine, outspend, outthink, outwear, outwork, overbear, overbid, overbuild, overbuy, overcast, overcome, overdo, overdraw, overdrink, overeat, overfeed, overfly, overgrow, overhang, overhear, overlay, overleap, overlie, overpass, overpay, override, overrun, oversee, oversell, overshoot, oversleep, overspend, overspread, overtake, overthink, overthrow, overwrite, partake, pay, pen, plead, prepay, preset, preshrink, proofread, prove, put, quit, rap, read, reave, rebid, rebind, rebroadcast, rebuild, recast, recut, redd, redo, redraw, refit, regrind, rehang, rehear, relay, relearn, relight, remake, rend, repay, reprove, reread, rerun, resell, resend, reset, resew, reshoot, resit, resow, respell, restring, retake, reteach, retell, rethink, retrofit, reweave, rewind, rewrite, rid, ride, ring, rise, rive, run, saw, say, see, seek, sell, send, set, sew, shake, shave, shear, shed, shine, shit, shoe, shoot, show, shrink, shrive, shut, sightsee, sing, sink, sit, slay, sleep, slide, sling, slink, slit, smell, smite, sneak, sow, speak, speed, spell, spellbind, spend, spill, spin, spit, split, spoil, spoonfeed, spread, spring, stand, stave, steal, stick, sting, stink, strew, stride, strike, string, strip, strive, sublet, sunburn, swear, sweat, sweep, swell, swim, swing, swink, take, teach, tear, telecast, tell, think, thrive, throw, thrust, toss, tread, troubleshoot, typeset, typewrite, unbend, unbind, unclothe, underbid, undercut and many more.


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