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English Maze: First Words HD (US English)

*Awarded the Editor's Favorite Award by Appysmarts.com!* Answer the questions! Avoid the ice aliens! Escape the maze! Improve your child`s English! Spaceman ...

Discontinued App


*Awarded the Editor's Favorite Award by Appysmarts.com!* Answer the questions! Avoid the ice aliens! Escape the maze! Improve your child’s English! Spaceman Sam’s running out of oxygen! Use your English reading and spelling skills to help him to get through the maze and into his rocket. Watch out for the ice aliens though! **50% OFF for a limited time!** One of the most fun English literacy teaching & learning iPad apps available, English Maze: First Words HD, helps children to learn and practice their reading, spelling and listening all while playing this high-energy, ‘Tilt & Play’ maze game. With 8 testing themed levels (Letters, Numbers, Colors, Body, Animals, Transport, Food and Shapes) this is an app that can teach, test and entertain your young learner for hours. It’s a great way to boost quick thinking! *** Ideal for non-native English speakers learning their first English words too!*** ***It’s childproofed! No ads! No web/social external links! A safe/fun learning experience.*** Simple to play, hard to stop playing! - There are 6 questions above each maze that you need to answer in the correct order. The answers to these questions are in the oxygen bubbles inside the maze. Watch and listen as the question pops up for each question too! - Tilt your iPad to steer your spaceman around the maze and hit the correct answer bubbles, BUT, watch out for the ice aliens! If they freeze you three times, it’s game over. - Each correct answer boosts Sam’s oxygen level. He needs a full tank to get on the rocket. - Each maze has a time limit. If you run out of time, it’s game over. Your best time to escape each maze is saved. Why not challenge your friends and family to beat you? - There are 5 possible maze variations per level. The questions and answers change each time you play. - Help is only a tap away! There’s picture, word and audio support for the level you are playing anytime. So, let our English Maze: First Words HD app give your child a head-start on their reading and writing. Play with them or play against them, however you play you’ll combine learning with fun. When it comes to taking the first fun steps towards literacy success, we (and our testers) think it’s a hard app to beat. At CEO, we know there are many different strategies to learning and teaching English/improving literacy, and this engaging app can form one fun part of your approach. It is designed to be used over time; as your child’s/class’s English abilities develop. Developed by award-winning online & mobile education specialists, Cambridge English Online Ltd, with 10 years’ experience creating fun, online and mobile resources, English Maze: First Words HD has been tested and reviewed by teaching professionals, parents and children, and aims to support National/Core Curriculum guidelines on teaching and learning English. Features: - 8 fast-paced, themed levels to challenge you - 5 different mazes for each level - Addictive ‘Tilt & Play’ accelerometer-controlled maze game - All questions with audio and illustrations - Each game has its own help page to practice the words you are being tested on. Support is only a tap away! - Saves your best times for each level - Great for developing hand-eye coordination - Beautifully illustrated ‘Space Maze’ theme to help engage & entertain. Engaging sounds too! - Children improve their English while playing/gaming - Ideal for children starting to learn English, and those already learning - Boosts quick thinking and motor skills - Great for in-classroom teaching/competitions - Ideal for reluctant learners To keep up-to-date on our new app releases, and see our other apps, visit your local App Store and search for ‘Cambridge English Online’ We’ve got many popular educational apps to use and enjoy! ***Please email ceoi@cambridgeenglishonline.com with any comments, questions or suggestions.


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