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English-Romanian Proverbs

This App is the digital version of ‘A Dictionary of English and Romanian Equivalent Proverbs` published by Teodor Flonta. Equivalent proverbs ...

Discontinued App


This App is the digital version of ‘A Dictionary of English and Romanian Equivalent Proverbs’ published by Teodor Flonta. Equivalent proverbs are those which express the same concept, be it literally, such as "All that glitters is not gold" = "Nu tot ce sclipeşte e aur" or with completely different words, such as "Every cloud has a silver lining" = "Nici un rău fără bine." The App is a very useful reference tool for scholars of the two languages, for researchers working in various associated fields such as linguistics, literature, folklore, anthropology, psychology, sociology, history, and for workers in newer areas such as advertising and contemporary media. It is also of interest to diplomats and politicians who try to improve their communication by sharing ideas formulated in some common meaningful expressions; it will assist interpreters and translators, and teachers and students for whom it is important to understand not only what the target culture expresses in the same way as their own, but also what is formulated in a different way. The App is also of benefit to non-professionals who, for the sheer enjoyment of it, wish to savour the wisdom, wit, poetry and the colourful language of proverbs. No matter what your native language is, if you have a smattering of English and/or Romanian, with this App and its multiple features you can improve and reinforce your knowledge of one or both of these languages. English-Romanian Proverbs App features: -Over 1,400 English Proverbs and their Romanian equivalents stored in a database which does not require internet access -Cross-references to English proverbs with similar meaning and variants of the same proverb where appropriate -References to the proverbs which have their origin in the Bible -An Info page which provides you with an Introduction to the history, definition and study of proverbs as well as their usefulness -A comprehensive Search function -A Favourite page where you can store proverbs you like most -A Share button which allows you to send proverbs to friends via SMS or Email or to post them on Facebook and Twitter -A Random button you can use to get in a more playful mood in your enjoyment of the English and Romanian proverbs -Both a Portrait and Landscape view to maximize your experience -Browsing proverbs through both swipe and forward and back arrows


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