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Equipment Mgmt. 2.0

SERIOUS APPS FOR SERIOUS BUSINESS: There are more than 21 iTunes apps available. For more detail information visit the developer support site. Important: It ...

Discontinued App


SERIOUS APPS FOR SERIOUS BUSINESS: There are more than 21 iTunes apps available. For more detail information visit the developer support site. Important: It was brought to my attention this week 11/11/2013 that the "Sync to the computer" companion feature for my iTunes app will no longer be supported under IOS 6 and 7. This affects about 18% of the app users who have requested the companion app for this purpose. The sync capability has run its course and now there are new ways to work with the companion apps. If your an IOS 6 or 7 user contact me to learn about new ways to connect. I am in the process of developing new replacement apps for iTunes that include advanced features. (a Free Companion app for PC or Mac is included with this iTunes app) During the pre design of this app the analysis of the requirements for the subject matter was taken from subject matter experts. The experts are people from industry and general business where the equipment is used and may, or may not have an organized approach to equipment management. The following is a description of capabilities for this application: ● using an equipment asset screen for each equipment item the app collects a full set of equipment data to include the purchase history, vendor provided information, product photos, and equipment specifications. This data is then used in the management of the equipment. ● the equipment asset screen has the capability to define equipment functions and interconnections in a production or manufacturing process. This can also be used to track ancillary equipment that is attached to an end item like a tractor or other large equipment. ● the equipment assets screen includes a data portal for an unlimited sizes directory for the equipment data. ● the equipment asset screen uses tabbed sub screens to divide the asset into the End Item, Assemblies, Subassemblies, and Components so that the asset record can breakdown the asset from the top down to the lowest level. This is required to service and maintain the asset where any and all service can be defined. ● to schedule ongoing maintenance of the asset the service schedule plan tab is used to organize all of the service requirements by assembly, subassembly, and component levels. This tab uses drop down selections from the equipment assets you add in the prior tabs. ● For those users that rent or lease equipment the app includes a Equipment Log to track and bill equipment rentals and leases. ● this app uses advanced features; UDF (User Defined Fields) are used to allow the user to add a field header and a input field defined by the user to add an unlimited number of user defined data. ● on the service order screen there are two portals that document service tasks and related use of parts and materials used in the service. ● there are reports to track service tasks, material usage, and cost for services performed. ● additional screens breakdown the employee service tasks and labor hour usage for services. ● the inventory screen is used to manage inventory and to supply material line items to the service order. ● the companion app has report list views for viewing and printing. The reports can be reorganized using a Find to display specific record information by doing a search on one or more fields. ● the reports include detail service and cost information for assisting you to understand and manage cost and service history. ● the ability to use the computer and iPad together expands the mobility for use in the factory or at work sites anywhere in the world. The computer and iPad can be updated using the data sync from the iPad to the computer. This allows many users of iPads to make updates to one computer app. ● as an optional use this app can be hosted on a web server and allow multiuser access for real time entry.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 2.72 MB


Price: 54,99 €

Developed by Vaughn Clement

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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