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Write is an ultimate note taking & writing app. It combines simplicity with powerful features, making your iPhone & iPad the best writing tool. Currently ...

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Write is an ultimate note taking & writing app. It combines simplicity with powerful features, making your iPhone & iPad the best writing tool. Currently used by 1.500.000+ users! "Your app really is one of the best looking and easiest and most fun to use when it comes to taking notes, and keeping them updated through dropbox." - a satisfied reviewer ***** Top 100 productivity in over 110 countries! Top 100 grossing productivity in over 92 countries! Featured in "New & Noteworthy" in many countries! Featured in "What's Hot" in too many countries! This is the best app for writers! ***** Watch our video on YouTube ***** "This app is great. It allows me to simplify my life and to keep so much information with me at all times. All of this with virtually no learning curve!" - Georgedr, US Awesome App ***** "I love writing stories and this app is perfect for doing just that" - Faeriespells6, US ***** "5 stars easy for it's simple interface and style! I've already written five short stories with it!" - Curly Abby, Canada Great App!!! ***** "After much research, I tried the Write app and, WOW, this thing is great! Strongly recommended for anyone who wants to be efficient using an iPad." - Supercritical guy, Canada **** "This is a really elegant, well-put-together application." - Steve Rubel, US ***** "Great to use, no stupid menus or junk to clutter your screen. Really just a great app." - Jes89, Australia What you can do with Write: * Set font & background for each documents * Use your own photos as background * File, folder & full-text search + find text within a file * Print wirelessly using AirPrint * Sync your documents back and forth with Dropbox * Do the fastest typing ever with auto text & TextExpander * Synchronize your text (.txt) & markdown documents between your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, PC, or any devices via Dropbox (automatically/manually) * Type & read in full screen without any distraction * Send your writings to anyone via e-mail & PDF attachment or print them wirelessly * Apply TouchID & PIN protection to keep your privacy * Make the best of 'Emergency Mode' to save your life * Extended keyboard with smart quotes, smart brackets, numbering, and many more * Words & characters count * Easy & straight forward user interface * Change app’s look & feel to suit your moods * Put your documents into folders and unlimited subfolders * Sort your writings in 4 ways * Automatically save your documents * iTunes file sharing * Option to delete documents to Trash Can and retrieve them later * Optimize the auto-capitalization, auto-correction, check spelling, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste and replace features from the iOS * Use any international keyboards So whether you want to jot down your cool ideas, list your to-do, capture quick notes, outline your presentations, keep food recipes, create shopping lists, write another day in your diary or journal, keep some song lyrics, do your work on-the-go and continue it again later on the other devices, or whether you are a writer who needs to write everywhere, THIS IS YOUR BEST APP! There couldn't possibly be a better app for writing ***** "Easy and functional, makes writing far more enjoyable" - a satisfied reviewer (Canada)


Technical specifications

Version: 3.1.1

Size: 32.54 MB


Price: 1,75 €

Developed by Daniel V.W

Day of release: 2011-03-24

Recommended age: 4+

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