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Discontinued App


*** IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING *** iPAD USERS - THIS APP HAS BEEN FULLY TESTED ON iOS 7 ON THE iPAD. IT WORKS PERFECTLY, AND IS COMPATIBLE WITH iOS 7. THE APP ALSO WORKS ON iOS 3.0 OR LATER. iPHONE USERS -THIS SPECIFIC APP ONLY WORKS ON iOS 6 AND EARLIER FOR iPHONES AND iPODS. THE PREVIOUS iPHONE CODE CANNOT BE COST-EFFECTIVELY UPDATED FOR THE NEW PHONES. iPAD USERS ARE UNAFFECTED FOR THEY HAVE THE NEWER CODE. Thank you. Niles Technology Group IF YOU WOULD LIKE A UNIVERSAL APP THAT WORKS ON iOS 7 FOR BOTH iPADS AND iPHONES, THEN PLEASE PURCHASE ONE OF THE APPS BELOW: Essay Writing Workstation High School Writing Middle School Writing Write King *** IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING - You must be able to read and understand English to use this app. If you cannot read English and you purchase the app by mistake, please do not use the reviews to ask for a refund like one person did. The review section is not for requesting refunds. Refunds are handled through Apple. Thank you, Niles Technology Group. *** *** The ultimate essay writing eBook for college and high school students! *** *** 182 schools (and counting) have purchased essay apps for their students. Thank you from Niles Technology Group. *** "Hands down the best writing help I have seen. The app answers every question it seems and is more like an encyclopedia than a handbook. I have spent more $$$ in bookstores and never got this much. Expensive app but worth every penny." By J. Parks (iTunes Review) ----------------------------------------- This app is an eBook only. iPad = 258 pages iPhone = 752 pages If you want the Essay Czar eBook that also includes the advanced, dual-view writing platform, then the app to purchase is ESSAY WRITING WORKSTATION. ----------------------------------------- Over 40 types of essays (plus the all important SAT essay) are explained in detail, and it includes comprehensive step-by-step writing instructions on exactly how to write each essay. Students are smoothly guided through the often difficult writing process. A comfortable reading book with realistic page-turning, Essay Czar is more like talking to a good friend or a favorite teacher. Written in a conversational voice with concise instructions and relevant examples of what is expected, students quickly learn to think logically and write appropriately for each essay type. This compilation and high-level of essay writing detail simply cannot be found anywhere else! -- Perfect for College and High School students -- Excellent essay writing aid for ESL students -- First-rate writing solution for students enrolled in online universities -- Complements any homeschool English Language Arts program -- Great writing resource for collegiate writing centers. Helps students to be better prepared for their writing tutor session -- Ideal for schools where students use iPods and iPads. Book design make it very usable and class-friendly for both students and teachers -- Improve your school's writing and critical thinking skills curricula with one product. Teachers now have expanded choices of writing assignments that they can confidently assign students -- Qualifies for Apple's Educational Volume App Discount Purchase program Essay Czar is the only essay writing handbook a student will ever need! ----------------------------------------- Niles Technology Group is the leading developer of essay writing apps. Its various apps have been recognized by many educational blogs and, most recently, by Apple. -- Featured as a favorite Back-to-School app -- Featured as a top 10 English Language Arts app -- Featured as a top 10 Study-Aid app -- Featured in New and Noteworthy category -- Featured in What's Hot category -- Named a "must-have" app by Edu-In-Review website


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 1.76 MB


Price: 16,96 €

Developed by Niles Technology Group, Inc.

Day of release: 2010-11-17

Recommended age: 4+

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