Introducing EstateAgent, the first Real Estate Agent productivity tool designed specifically for the iPhone. EstateAgent is a feature rich application ...

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Introducing EstateAgent, the first Real Estate Agent productivity tool designed specifically for the iPhone. EstateAgent is a feature rich application that will revolutionize the way you manage your clients. It becomes your digital personal assistant – reminding you when to contact key clients, allow you to more efficiently match buyer requirements to your property portfolio and will ultimately give you an aura of professionalism, efficiency and reliability. The key features of EstateAgent are: * Simple to use & mobile Quick to load up and with the touch screen of the iPhone this simple application is so easy to use it will save you time, plus you can take it with you to all of your appointments, and while there update client and property information on the spot! * Client contact reminders Set up the rules you wish to apply for contacting your clients, and how frequently you wish to contact them, then all you need to do every morning is tick off the calling, emailing tasks that are automatically prepopulated for you. No remembering, no thinking, no need for the office, note book or emails, just get it done! * No monthly fee You buy it once and that's it. Unlike most other real estate software there's no subscription, registration or any other gotcha's. Download, install and you're good to go. * Profile Matching EstateAgent allows you to profile your buyers and listings by assigning a price range, preferred area and listing type and number of bedrooms. You can quickly match buyers to properties and send emails out directly from within the application. * Sync with the cloud EstateAgent sync's with your iPhone Address Book and Contact List. If you keep your client lists in this Address Book and use IMAP you can sync from EstateAgent to your email server (Outlook, gmail etc), so your personal assistant can see your changes to tasks, calendar & clients, it can also sync changes you make on the EstateAgent to your office computer. You can email clients directly from within EstateAgent. No need to enter all your contacts into EstateAgent - they can be directly imported from your Address Book. Imagine this: You run an Open Home, capture the details of 20 new prospects, automatically those details sync with your office, personal assistant or home computer. From EstateAgent you mail those 20 people a thank you note and automatically set up a reminder task to call each of them the following day. With EstateAgent you can do all of this before you jump back in the car, it's simple, easy and quick! Mobile computing is the future for the real estate salesperson and with EstateAgent you'll be making one giant leap ahead of the competition. See the attached screenshots and our website for more product information about EstateAgent and it's companion iPad version - EstatePad.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.11

Size: 1.34 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by EstatePad Ltd

Day of release: 2012-04-9

Recommended age: 4+

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