NOW AVAILABLE FREE ================== What is EstatePad? ------------------ EstatePad is a mobile CRM application for Real Estate agents which runs ...

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NOW AVAILABLE FREE ================== What is EstatePad? ------------------ EstatePad is a mobile CRM application for Real Estate agents which runs on the iPad. Why Does EstatePad Run on the iPad? ----------------------------------- The iPad is just the right platform for professionals on the move: it has mobile Internet, it has a bigger screen than a mobile phone, but it's easier to carry round and use than a laptop. And of course there's the famous 10 hour battery life. (Note: EstatePad will work on a Wifi-only iPad, but it will be seriously more useful on a 3G iPad.) What Does EstatePad Care About? ------------------------------- EstatePad cares about the same things that you care about, but because it's running on a computer, sometimes it remembers them better. Things like: * What properties am I selling? * What clients (i.e. prospective buyers) do I have? * What types of property are my clients interested in? * How often should I contact different clients? * What do I have to do today? What are my appointments? Which clients should I contact? What Does EstatePad Do? ----------------------- EstatePad helps you to do the things that you need to do: * For a new listing, EstatePad suggests which clients are likely to be interested in that property, and for each client you can immediately send an email to them about that new listing (using email templates maintained within EstatePad). * At an open home, you can directly enter in details of potential new clients, as well as recording which existing clients came, and how interested they were in the property. * Each day, EstatePad tells you what's on your task list: which clients you should contact, whether by phone or by email, and what appointments you have. * You can easily post messages about listings, open homes (and other events) to your Facebook account and to Twitter. What Does EstatePad Cost? ------------------------- EstatePad is free to download from the iTunes App Store. All features are enabled in the free application, with one limitation: you can only manage 3 listings at a time. When you've tried EstatePad out, and decided that you want to use it for more listings, you can buy extra listing entitlements from within the App. (And yes, that is how we make our money from the app -- there are no ads or any other distractions inside the application.) Sync with the Cloud ------------------- EstatePad syncs its data with your iPad Address Book. If you keep your client lists in this Address Book and use IMAP you can sync from EstatePad to your email server (Outlook, gmail etc) and to your smartphone, so your personal assistant can see your changes to tasks, calendar & clients. EstatePad can also sync changes to your Gmail accounts. An Hour in the Life of a Real Estate Agent who uses EstatePad ------------------------------------------------------------- Imagine this: You run an Open Home, capture the details of 20 new prospects, and automatically those details are synced with your office, personal assistant or home computer. From EstatePad you email those 20 people a thank you note and automatically set up a reminder task to call each of them the following day. You then post a Facebook & Twitter message to your followers about the next open home you're now going to. And you got all that done, even before you went outside to take down the open home flag and drive on to the next property. And Finally ... --------------- If you want to see EstatePad in action, visit our website at, and watch the video.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.52

Size: 5.3 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by EstatePad Ltd

Day of release: 2012-04-6

Recommended age: 4+

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