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Eva|Pitch2 is the 3rd Lesson in Eva`s Fundamentals–a transgender voice training mobile app course. The techniques and exercises are designed ...

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Eva|Pitch2 is the 3rd Lesson in Eva’s Fundamentals-a transgender voice training mobile app course. The techniques and exercises are designed for you transgender women who are beginning to feminize your voice, whether you’re early in your gender transition or have been living full time for years. This Fundamentals program also has a function of keeping the voice tuned for you gals who have mastered your feminine voice, yet want a little something more to keep you vocally fit. These next few lessons are a triplet and are meant to be worked with together as a group. Eva|Pitch2, Eva|Pitch3, and Eva|Pitch4 build upon what you’ve learned in the initial two essential voice training lessons-Eva|Breathe & Eva|Pitch. The instructional videos for this triplet of lessons consist of specific warm-up routines. You might find that you like using all three instructional videos consecutively to give yourself a longer routine. Or, you might simply go through the warm-up routine with Kathe, and then move on to the practice video and the exercises for each lesson. The practice video for Eva|Pitch2 will re-visit the cues for posture, breathing and pitch which were taught in the initial Eva|Pitch lesson. You will practice Eva vocals together with Kathe. Some of the exercises include consonant-slides from a voiceless sound like “sss” or “fff” to a voiced sound like “zzz” or “vvv.” After learning these vocals with Kathe in the video, you’ll have an opportunity to practice these slides on your own using the self-guided section of this app. One of the goals for this lesson is for you to experience the sensation of sounds in your body. This proprioception strategy is a significant training element and must be mastered for you to have long-term success with your voice. We will sustain these sound pairs-like “sss” and “zzz”-at two different pitches, A3 and C4. As you practice these vocals with Kathe in the video, you will be encouraged to feel the buzz of the voiced sound in your face. After the vocals, you will work together with Kathe to connect the breath, pitch and buzz in words. As with the initial lessons, you are provided with additional practice material in the “More” section of this app.


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