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Events Counter 2

Do you have a problem to remember events in your life sometimes? If so, then this application is for you. It helps one keep the overview of any countable ...

Discontinued App


Do you have a problem to remember events in your life sometimes? If so, then this application is for you. It helps one keep the overview of any countable things in your life like for example: - number and frequency of: entrances to a fitness club, exercise repetitions, runs - frequency of cinema or theatre family visits - amount of coffee glasses you still have to drink before you get one free - number of health examinations and benefits (e.g. body massage) left in your health package - frequency and number of taken business trips with the information about the destination and the date of travel. All of the aforementioned examples of events are presented in a clear Timeline view and detail table interface with the possibility to manage already stored data. KEY FEATURES - application allows you to store arbitrary number of counters consisting of many events - any change of the value of a counter, together with the description and the date is considered an event. - application allows to count up or down whatever you want with only ONE-CLICK and you don't have to worry about making any note in copybook or calendar - the possibility to configure a counter: count up/down and from an arbitrary positive number - the possibility to change the initial value of the counter without losing already registered events - for each counter you can assign any picture from your camera roll or from preinstalled icon set - each event is stored with date and description (optionally) - stored events can be viewed in detailed table layout or much more friendly Timeline interface with estimate the frequency of registered events within different time scope (years, months, days) - it is possible to zoom in/out Timeline interface so even registered events created in a short period of time are presented in a clear layout - date and time format used with the type of calendar (Gregorian, Japanese, Buddhist) follow the unit setting of your device - all counters and events already stored are editable: (delete, edit, change of order) - there are several settings that can be attached to each counter individually: picture, direction, start at, confirmation, sound, vibration, restart, export - import of the counters defined in Lite version - support for iPhone 4, 5 and iPad screen resolutions and support of portrait and landscape orientations BENEFITS 1) Fast and easy to use This is an application dedicated for one-click registration of an event, without having to make notes or use a calendar. 2) Clear information Instantaneous information about the number of passed or remaining events, for example, free entries to a fitness club or remaining vacation days in the current year. Personalisation of counters (image, settings), Timeline view and frequency calculation help to better understand stored information 3) Better organisation of everyday activities Proactive time management: regular registration of events will prevent the undesired situation like, for example, running out of vacation days in the current year.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.4

Size: 2.78 MB


Price: 0,99 €

Developed by iLutan

Day of release: 2012-10-11

Recommended age: 4+

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