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EverTaskZ is a full-featured tasks manager for iOS and Evernote. With EverTaskZ, notes can easily become tasks with status, prioritiy, due date, alarm ...

Discontinued App


EverTaskZ is a full-featured tasks manager for iOS and Evernote. With EverTaskZ, notes can easily become tasks with status, prioritiy, due date, alarm and even location based reminders, simply by putting them into the tasks notebook or tagging them with a specific task. And from any task, the full note with rich content is only a single tap away - EverTaskZ directly opens the note in the Evernote app for iOS. EverTaskZ makes full use of Evernote's hierarchic tags, so you can use the same categories for tasks and notes. In addition, EverTasks adds color and location to the tags, and has a unique tag bar which allows very quick and easy focusing. As EverTaskZ is fully geolocation aware, it has a smart tag, which always lists the tasks relevant for the current location. Furthermore, location based alarms can be set to remind you when you are coming near or leaving a specified location. Timed alarms are possible as well. EverTaskZ not only accesses the Evernote cloud, but does a full sync. So all your tasks are also available when off-line - and local changes can be synchronized back the next time your device has network access. EverTaskZ is based on the existing task manager of the Tasks+Cal+Sync app, which is a tasks and calendar app for SyncML based collaboration services. Features: • Tasks manager based on Evernote cloud platform - stores tasks as Evernote notes. • Real two-way sync - you can always access your tasks even when you have no internet connection. • Evernote tags, including hierarchy (subtags) are imported and can be used for quickly focusing on topics. • Quick navigation from any EverTaskZ entry to the corresponding Evernote note (in the iOS evernote app) and vice versa. • Synchronizes with the contents of a user-selected notebook • Optionally, only syncs notes tagged with a specific, selectable tag. A note can be made a task by simply adding that tag. • Note title can optionally include status, priority and due date in different formats, so tasks can be added not only from the EverTaskZ app, but from any Evernote client or the web interface. • Tasks can have plain text notes which are synced between Evernote and EverTaskZ. Still the entire range of rich text and media features can be used in the same note - EverTaskZ just extracts the plain text for offline reference. • Geolocation support - location information attached to tasks/notes can be created, viewed and editied on a interactive map screen. • Location alarms: based on the geolocation, tasks can be set to remind you when you approach or leave a location.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5.1

Size: 5.46 MB


Price: 2,99 €

Developed by Lukas Zeller

Day of release: 2012-08-7

Recommended age: 4+

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