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Every Value Has Its Place

Hi my name is Patty. This app, written by Lance Ogoshi, duplicates the “tangible” flashcard program I developed for my autistic/ADHD son. While it helped ...

Discontinued App


Hi my name is Patty. This app, written by Lance Ogoshi, duplicates the “tangible” flashcard program I developed for my autistic/ADHD son. While it helped him tremendously, I found it also benefitted his two siblings who also have ADHD. This app, with more to come, is for the user that needs a higher level of learning once he/she has achieved and passed pre-school and kindergarten levels. My son is a visual learner. I designed this program to teach to his learning style to help with retention, alleviate frustration and provide him some fun while learning! What I noticed was while he was using this app, his attention span was longer and since it better suited his learning style, he would, without prompting, ask to “play” it. My son processes information differently. I believe he is capable of academic learning at his age level, especially when the information is delivered in a visual manner, not at a slower pace. I believe his learning is limitless. This beginning Place Value app teaches place values from ones to thousands. Each place value is assigned a different color to allow the user to memorize the color and position or place value of the numbers. The app displays font and font size representative of what the user will see on an actual test, whether on paper or computer. Since some autistic children are literal and exacting of what they see and hear, I thought it would be easier for them to remember the information using a display of different colors and font sizes. As the user gains confidence and retains information, he/she will no longer need the various aids in the app. Disclaimer: The autism spectrum is vast and levels of functioning vary greatly; therefore I cannot guarantee that all autistic children will benefit from this app as my son has. It is my sincere hope that it will help other children on the spectrum as much as it has helped my son. Features: •Place values from ones to thousands •Sign-in by user- Users can sign in under his/her own name. Helps in tracking statistics while allowing the user to see his/her name at the top of the page. •Parent/Teacher/Therapist/Caregiver decides on the amount of questions per session. The number of questions is selectable per session, allowing flexibility to each user. •3-Levels: Since children are naturally competitive, I designed this app to avoid labeling of 1, 2 or 3 to avoid anxiety. Each level is designed to build confidence and challenge the user. Each level consists of flip cards with corresponding sound effects. For those with sensory issues, the sound effects can be turned off. oSun Level - was designed for the user to associate a color with a place value: blue for thousands, yellow for hundreds, green for tens, and tan for ones. Each card is also labeled with words to indicate the place value. oForest Level – increases in difficulty as the labeling on the bottom of each card is now removed. oOcean Level - removes both the colors and labeling to prepare the user for actual testing. The actual test is white background with black numbers •2-Types of tests- Single and Multi. The Single test provides one question at a time. Multi test provides multiple questions at a time. Each test can be used for practice or in the testing mode. •Statistics- The statistics section tallies detailed information according to user, date, level, test, number of correct and incorrect questions, number of questions left blank, percentage correct, guessed and the amount of time to answer question. This section was designed to help the teacher determine the comprehension of each student while making completion of detailed progress reports such as the IEP easier to complete and of how to proceed. Tap on the column heading you wish to separate. Delete by running your finger across the session and a delete button will show under %. Please contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions at brainwavefrequencies@gmail.com.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.02

Size: 1.62 MB


Price: 2,82 €

Developed by Patty Young-Kingsbury

Day of release: 2013-05-4

Recommended age: 4+

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