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How do you tell the French hotel operator your shower isn`t working or ask how late the bar stays open? What`s the word for wind gusts? ...

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How do you tell the French hotel operator your shower isn’t working or ask how late the bar stays open? What’s the word for wind gusts? How do you ask your waiter for the check? Tell someone you’re sick? Get a round-trip ticket? Do you want to learn the word for meerkat? Flip-flops? How do you ask for a slice? Say pleased to meet you? It’s likely that most of your French vocabulary questions are answered in the Everyday French application. With over 1000 flashcards, accompanying audio and pictures, Everyday French has you covered through the following 28 topics: Common Expressions Politesse Days Months Seasons Weather Colors Shapes and Sizes Airline Travel Train Travel Automobile Travel Clothing Time Expressions Body Health Sports Leisure Toiletries Housing Household Objects Public Places Asking and Understanding Directions Navigating Restaurants Navigating Hotels Numbers Family Question Words Describing Foods This is the second application developed by Ruth Lyon-Fuchs, M.Ed., for Study by App. Ms. Lyon-Fuchs is currently an International Baccalaureate French Teacher at Northwestern High School in South Carolina. A published translator and past winner of the prestigious American Translators Association’s Student Translation Award, Ms. Lyon-Fuchs is multi-lingual and holds dual US/Swiss citizenship.


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