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Golf Coach is a ground breaking golf instruction app. Winner of both UK and US App Design Awards ‘Best Sports App’ Voted by The Telegraph newspaper into ...

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Golf Coach is a ground breaking golf instruction app. Winner of both UK and US App Design Awards ‘Best Sports App’ Voted by The Telegraph newspaper into their ‘TOP 20 Must Have Apps’. The highest sports app in the feature. With 38 HD videos and a Swing Analysis suite, Golf Coach is a structured coaching programme that expertly outlines all the fundamental techniques that you will need to build a solid all round golf game. Instruction includes full swing technique, tee shots, sloping lies, shots from the rough and a comprehensive array of short game skills. (Full video listing below) Don’t waste time practicing badly or trolling through random video ‘tips’. Not when you can learn through expert knowledge and presentation. Golf Coach apps are meticulously produced by Dr. Noel Rousseau with your learning in mind. With a PhD in motor learning, Noel is a leading PGA golf professional and an expert on how we learn the game. As such, all 38 videos in this app have been carefully written and presented to bring you in-depth information in and easy to understand format. Heritage Golf Coach apps have had over 180,000 downloads and topped sports categories around the world, notably in the UK and US app stores. Stunning Video Quality All training videos were shot from 3 angles and include incredible slow motion HD footage from the ‘Phantom‘ high speed camera. SwingAnalyser Feature View your progress by comparing your swing to our professional model. We have filmed the model in slow motion playing all the major shots featured in the app. Playback and draw coaching lines with the tool box. No fluff, no cheap tips; just a brilliantly executed package that will ultimately improve your golf. For less than the price of a sleeve of golf balls you can view a complete programme of instruction. Lesson after lesson at your fingertips. TESTIMONIALS “I consider your apps to be a truly remarkable achievement. To so clearly present the critical aspects of the golf swing as an integrated whole is no small task. I have recommended your apps with much enthusiasm to many friends. “ Drmsm49. ‘I love your apps (bought the Power version yesterday) and I watch them every evening via Apple TV on my big screen. Excellent work! Superior to anything else that I have seen on the Internet.’ Neal Videos and CATEGORIES SET UP Grip Posture Alignment/Ball Position Set Up Routine STRIKE FUNDEMENTALS Low Point of Arc Impact Alignment Swing Path SWING Circle Overview Perimetre and Radius Plane Rotation Hand Path BALANCE AND TIMING Dynamic Posture Wrist Hinge Stability Flow Movement Sequence BALL FLIGHT Trajectory Side Spin PUTTING Putting Stroke Putting Drills Green Reading CHIPPING Short Game System Chip and Run Chipping with your Wedges Chipping from the rough Advanced Chipping Lob Shot Chipping from an up slope Chipping from a down slope ON COURSE 30-100 yards On the beach Woods Ball above your feet Ball below your feet Up slope Down slope Play from the rough Once downloaded. All videos are instantly available with no streaming required.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.5

Size: 1.05 GB


Price: 5,78 €

Developed by Perish the Thought Golf

Day of release: 2010-03-26

Recommended age: 4+

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