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Exam Buddy is the ultimate revision tool - revise for any exam subject in a structured, easy and engaging way. Just think - - all of your notes in ...

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Exam Buddy is the ultimate revision tool - revise for any exam subject in a structured, easy and engaging way. Just think - - all of your notes in one easy to access application - notebooks for each subject available at your fingertips - audio prompts for languages - make your own quizzes and email them to your friends - prompt cards for testing your knowledge wherever you are - cut and paste from documents, web sites - add diagrams, photographs, illustrations Exam Buddy will make revising for any examination a breeze! containing 5 applications for organising and maximising your revision. Exam Buddy enables you to create your own, fully editable, notebooks, prompt cards, quiz cards, audio recordings, and timetable, and to customise these to your own requirements. The flexible nature of this app makes it ideal for revision at many levels, from GCSE to National Diploma, A Level, IB, FE and HE. Because Exam Buddy allows each student to create their own personal timetable and notes, you can focus on exactly what you need to learn, and revision notes throughout the app can be tailored to suit your individual needs. There is no limit to the number of books, card boxes and recordings you can create, once these have been created, Exam Buddy has a number of features which can be employed both to organise your revision, and to enhance your ability to memorise key facts and information. A new notebook can be created for each subject or topic you need to study, and can also be sub-divided into sections. Notebooks can incorporate graphics - photographs, diagrams etc - and text, which can be entered via the QWERTY keyboard, or cut and pasted from other sources. Once text is in place it can be customised with various coloured highlights to make keys facts stand out. Exam Buddy also includes various facilities to help you test what you have learned. Within Notebook there is a temporary “grey-out” facility which can be used to obscure text in order to test your knowledge. Text is reinstated easily with a double-tap. Multiple prompt card boxes can also be created, each containing as many cards as required. Up to 15 points can be entered onto each card for succinct revision sessions. These also have a play mode, which will temporarily obscure the text to enable you to test your knowledge. Quiz card boxes work in the same way as Prompt card boxes, but have a flip facility so that questions and answers can be input onto opposite sides of the card. When play mode is selected your quiz begins, only revealing the answers when you are ready for them. Quiz cards can also be exchanged with friends or study group members via an email facility. The Exam Buddy audio section is an easy to use recorder ideal for language revision and memo notes. The timetable allows you to easily timetable your revision sessions and keep note of your exam dates.


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