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Exhibit A

All your exhibits. Anytime. Anywhere. FULLSCREEN HD PRESENTATIONS! Present your key documents, photos and videos in a beautiful fullscreen HD display ...

Discontinued App


All your exhibits. Anytime. Anywhere. FULLSCREEN HD PRESENTATIONS! Present your key documents, photos and videos in a beautiful fullscreen HD display that you cannot achieve by simply mirroring your iPad. With Exhibit A, you control what your audience sees and when they see it. Powerful Presentation Tools let you highlight, mark, and call-out key sections of your exhibit instantly, in real time. A virtual laser pointer improves visibility as you emphasize your points. Exhibit A is a powerful tool for organizing and presenting information in the courtroom, in the boardroom, in the classroom, or anywhere you need to present your message with power, clarity and precision. Key Features: ---------------------------------------------- IMPORTING Easily import documents using: *Dropbox *iTunes *WiFi *FTP *email Currently supported file types include images (JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG), documents (PDFs), and movies (all formats supported on the iPad). Support for more file types coming soon! ---------------------------------------------- ORGANIZING *Documents are organized into Projects. Projects are easily renamed or deleted. *Add documents to a Project from Apple's Photos App or import them from another computer using email, iTunes, WiFi, FTP or your linked Dropbox account. *Each document is displayed in large thumbnails (12 per page), so you can easily identify your documents at a glance. *Documents can be sorted by name, alphanumeric grouping, file type or placed into custom folders for quick retrieval. *Documents can be moved, renamed or deleted. ---------------------------------------------- NAVIGATING *Move freely and easily between your documents using simple, intuitive touches and swipes. *Documents are shown in thumbnail, as well as by name, alphanumeric grouping, file type and custom folder, making it easy to identify and select your document at a glance. *Quick search function instantly populates search results as you type, providing another way for you to easily find exhibits by name. *Select documents to display or mark up by simply touching the document thumbnail. *Move quickly between pages of a multi-page document using simple touches or page scroll bar. *Zoom in, out, and pan about your documents using simple pinch and swipe gestures. ---------------------------------------------- PRESENTING *Easily show your documents to your audience using the iPad and an external monitor or projector using a VGA or HDMI adapter, or connect wirelessly using AirPlay and Apple TV. *Quick Toolbar allows you to highlight text, mark with color pens, create call-outs that zoom in on desired areas, redact designated areas, or use a laser pointer to illustrate and emphasize your points. *Control external displays using the "Show/Hide" button, which allows you to control when your audience sees the documents you select. *External displays are fed a black screen until you elect to show a document, preventing the external display from losing signal and cycling to a white screen or displaying an error message. *External displays continue to show the last document until you either select and show a new document, or select the "Hide" button. This allows you to return to the thumbnails and select a new document while the audience continues to see the previous document. *External displays mirror in real time your actions on the iPad. This allows you to zoom, pan, and mark on the document in real time for the audience. *Full undo, redo, clear, redraw, erase and rotate functions. *Whiteboard mode for sharing thoughts and ideas. *All marked up documents and whiteboards can be saved as a new document, while preserving the original document.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.3

Size: 37.17 MB


Price: 13,99 €

Developed by Michael Henderson

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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