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ExpertusONE Mobile 4.2

ExpertusONE Mobile 'Mobile Analytics' feature in release version 4.2. consists of the Class Summary Report & Top Performers Report which provide the ...

Discontinued App

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ExpertusONE Mobile 'Mobile Analytics' feature in release version 4.2. consists of the Class Summary Report & Top Performers Report which provide the class level progress to the managers/admins. This release also introduces survey and assessment in the mobile app and some enhancements to the presence sensing & refine feature. The presence sensing feature uses GPS technology to identify the classroom location (Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.) ExpertusONE Mobile makes it easy to learn anytime, anywhere, on any Apple iOS device. With true offline sync, content is downloaded to your device so you can learn on-the-go with no internet connection required. This means zero performance delays and no restricted access and functionality. Simply launch courses, documents, videos or social tools – whatever you need… when and wherever you need it most. Automation of classroom attendance and participation allows for increased productivity. ExpertusONE Mobile is designed to support ongoing learning cycles for users who travel, work in the field or have limited internet access or low bandwidth. ExpertusONE Mobile integrated the world class reporting framework which helps managers to track their class level progress in a smarter way. Features: ● Fully functional, native, mobile application links in real-time to your ExpertusONE LMS ● True Offline Content Player and tracking – First enterprise LMS to provide true offline sync ● Mobile-ready content can be downloaded to any device, used offline, then automatically synced back to the LMS ● Browse training catalog, view, search, see popularity and register for courses ● Real-time personalized training calendar ● Source all content and resources ● Announcements and alerts ● Ability to launch multiple content ● Ability to launch survey and assessments ● Support for connected and disconnected learning ● Granular tracking of progress and scores, both in the connected and disconnected mode ● Presence sensing(of attendance and participation) ● Integrated Survey functionality in presence sensing (Instructor can push surveys to the classroom participants) ● Share contacts feature for classroom participants ● Integrated best reporting framework for managers to track the class level progress with device notification ● Advanced refine search filters in Catalog, My learning & Analytics ● Intuitive, optimized, easy-to-use user interface


Technical specifications

Version: 4.2

Size: 4.75 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Expertus

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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