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Explore Linear Functions

The "Review in Preparation for College Algebra" series contains four (4) apps and has 39 embedded lessons. Since the primary mode of operation of the ...

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The "Review in Preparation for College Algebra" series contains four (4) apps and has 39 embedded lessons. Since the primary mode of operation of the brain is pattern generalizing, almost all of the lessons are structured as pattern-building activities. Users are encouraged to generalize the patterns using pencil and paper (so that the brain sees the bigger picture), because when they do, the brain creates a memory of the pattern and it understands the generalized algebra in the lesson. The apps also use function as the underlying theme to teach the included algebra. When users connect new algebraic concepts to existing long-term memories of previously learned algebra, the brain understands the new concept or procedure in the lesson. Function representation and function behaviors connect all of the algebra. Lessons consist of open-ended questions, and when the user answers a question, he/she receives a correct response and verbal praise if correct. Audience: High school students in Algebra I or II and college students in remedial algebra courses such as Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Algebraic Literacy courses, and freshmen courses preparing students for non-STEM college-level courses. While the lessons are teaching in nature, they also provide a review for course midterm and exams. Technology Requirements: The graphing calculator is required and is used to help develop patterns and provide visualizations of the algebra in the lessons. It is crucial as a learning tool because visualizations lead to understanding. In addition, the graphing calculator processes function representations and function behaviors, which are at the core of learning algebra through function. Features: - Learn through questioning - Based on core common algebra curriculum - Formative algebra assessments - Based on basic brain function - Immediate feedback - Correct response after answering questions - Test yourself repeatedly - Easy navigation - Score tracking - Audio response The Content Author: The author has 16 years of experience writing questions for college mathematics placement tests, for end- of-year course exams, and for pre-service teacher proficiency tests. See www.redbankpublishing.com for more information about the author. Explore Linear Functions 1. Generalize the I.V. Drip Pattern 2. An Introduction to a Linear Relationship 3. Linear Rate of Change and Initial Condition 4. Rate of Change and Initial Conditions 5. Create a Linear Function 6. Point-Slope Form of the Linear Function in Context 7. Point-Slope Form 8. Blue Point Grill Waiter Behavior 9. Linear Function Behavior-Zeros 10. The Linear Function as a Model of Gasoline Remaining in the Tank 11. Increasing-Decreasing Connection to Positive-Negative Slope 12. Connect the zeros of a linear function to a known contextual situation 13. Length (Distance) in the Coordinate Plane


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