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The ability to make your own circuits is here! This uber-cool feature comes bundled with the latest update to our app on simple electrical circuits. You ...

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The ability to make your own circuits is here! This uber-cool feature comes bundled with the latest update to our app on simple electrical circuits. You can now move things around, choose devices and connect circuits using switches and wires, the way you want to. The app retains the original pre-designed learning circuits, so you get the best of both worlds – the freedom to make your own circuits as well as the comfort of using our built-in circuits. Ideally suited for elementary and middle school (though not limited to it), the app provides a complete toolkit for understanding and designing circuit arrangements such as series, parallel and combination using batteries, wires, bulbs and a host of fun electrical toys. It is great for teachers, parents and tutors who want to explain the workings of electrical circuits, and for students who want to explore on their own. Teachers can use the app to demo an idea, and then guide students through hands on, self-study exercises. Please note that this app focuses mainly on devices, linkages and connections that lead to different circuit arrangements; for measuring, calculating and solving problems with current, voltage and resistance, check out our other Electricity apps, and also watch out for our soon to be released DIY Circuit Builder app. MAKE YOUR OWN CIRCUIT Assemble your own circuit using wires, switches, bulbs, fan and a host of electrical toys. You can select between three circuit arrangements – Series, Parallel 1 (3 branches), Parallel 2 (2 x 3 branches). The selected circuit arrangement combined with the ability to choose between a range of devices gives you almost unlimited variations leading to hours of endless exploration and learning. PRE-DESIGNED LEARNING CIRCUITS The series of pre-designed learning circuits is thoughtfully created and is a great way to learn or teach the essentials of electrical circuits. You can explore a variety of electrical circuits, with a focus on the role of switches in controlling circuits and devices. You are introduced to switches in series, in parallel and in combination arrangements. A typical learning circuit involves switches that give a varying degree of control over devices. It also includes real life examples of circuit usage to aid in your understanding. Each sample learning circuit is supported with insightful learning content. These learning circuits are ideal for teachers to demonstrate in a classroom, which can be followed by students trying out different variations of the base circuit and gain valuable insights in the process. MORE Electricity Apps from Exploriments For more livewire action, check out other apps from our Exploriments Electricity series, which make it very safe to tinker with electricity: 1) Exploriments : Electricity - Ohm's Law and Resistance of Devices in Electrical Circuits 2) Exploriments: Electricity - Current and Charge, Measurement of Current in Series and Parallel Electrical Circuits 3) Exploriments: Electricity - Voltage Measurement in Series and Parallel Electrical Circuits The Exploriments Series of interactive simulation-based tools makes conceptual learning in science an engaging and insightful experience. Visit www.exploriments.com to know more.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 12.48 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd.

Day of release: 2011-12-21

Recommended age: 4+

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