Exponential Equations

Learn IT math lessons are designed to understand Middle School/High School Algebra as well as improve problem solving skills. The App makes math friendlier ...

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Learn IT math lessons are designed to understand Middle School/High School Algebra as well as improve problem solving skills. The App makes math friendlier for students who struggle with math. Mathematical concepts are explained through animated examples and voice instruction. The examples are presented with step by step instructions. Checkpoints within each lesson allow students to measure their level of understanding. Learn IT: Lessons were developed by Learn IT in partnership with PITSCO education. PITSCO's math and science products can be used by students to explore math concepts presented in the lessons. Features: 100% offline Realize the importance of units in the measurement system. Learn about the different units used to measure Length, Volume, and Weight. Learn about the metric base units, and the different prefixes used. Define dimensional analysis, and use it to convert between units. This unit also ensures that you know temperature conversion between Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. This unit of instruction includes the following 4 lessons: Standard Units -Recognize the standard base units. -Identify the property each standard base unit measures. -Choose the correct unit to measure an object. Metric Units -Identify the common units of the metric system. -Use the basic prefixes of the metric system. Dimensional Analysis -Evaluate the arrangement of variables in a problem. -Convert a single unit to a different unit within a system and between systems. -Convert derived units. Converting Fahrenheit and Celsius -From Celsius to Fahrenheit. -From Fahrenheit to Celsius. Other Apps from Learn IT: Integer Decimal Operation Intro to Decimals Angles Angle Relationships Calculators Functions Matrices Logic and Sequences Data Graphs II Graphing Calculators Accuracy Linear Equations and Graphing Triangles Units Operations with Fractions II Polynomials Special Equations Quadratics Factoring Exponential Equations Data Graphs I Sets Probability System of Equations Exponents Circles More Apps coming soon: Intro to Fractions Transformations Polygons Prisms and Pyramids Inequalities Real Number System Properties of Real Numbers Ratios and Percents Radicals Operations with Fractions I Equations Our Website: http://www.learnitapps.com/


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Day of release: 2013-05-12

Recommended age: 4+

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