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FAA Practical Test Standards (Private Pilot Checkride)

This application contains the testing standards of the FAA for private pilot single-engine land and sea (ASEL, ASES), and comes from publication FAA-S-8081-14A. ...

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This application contains the testing standards of the FAA for private pilot single-engine land and sea (ASEL, ASES), and comes from publication FAA-S-8081-14A. It is used by the FAA as the standards to which all private pilot check-rides and practical tests are to be held. In other words, if you are pursuing a private pilot's license, these are the knowledge areas and maneuvers that you will be tested on at your checkride. Application Contains: ***ADDITIONAL RATING TASK TABLES: - Airplane Single-Engine Land - Airplane Single-Engine Sea ***CHECKLISTS: - Applicant’s Practical Test Checklist - Examiner’s Practical Test Checklist PREFLIGHT PREPARATION - Certificates and Documents - Airworthiness Requirements - Weather Information - Cross-Country Flight Planning - National Airspace System - Performance and Limitations - Operation of Systems - Water and Seaplane Characteristics (ASES) - Seaplane Bases, Maritime Rules, and Aids to Marine 
Navigation (ASES) - Aeromedical Factors (ASEL and ASES) PREFLIGHT PROCEDURES - Preflight Inspection - Cockpit Management - Engine Starting - Taxiing (ASEL) - Taxiing and Sailing (ASES) - Before Takeoff Check AIRPORT AND SEAPLANE BASE OPERATIONS - Radio Communications and A TC Light Signals - Traffic Patterns - Airport/Seaplane Base, Runway, and Taxiway Signs, Markings, and Lighting TAKEOFFS, LANDINGS, AND GO-AROUNDS - Normal and Crosswind Takeoff and Climb - Normal and Crosswind Approach and Landing - Soft-Field Takeoff and Climb (ASEL) - Soft-Field Approach and Landing (ASEL) - Short-Field Takeoff (Confined Areaâ€â€ASES) and Maximum Performance Climb - Short-Field Approach (Confined Areaâ€â€ASES) and Landing - Glassy Water Takeoff and Climb (ASES) - Glassy Water Approach and Landing (ASES) - Rough Water Takeoff and Climb (ASES) - Rough Water Approach and Landing (ASES) - Forward Slip to a Landing - Go-Around/Rejected Landing PERFORMANCE MANEUVER . - Steep Turns GROUND REFERENCE MANEUVERS - Rectangular Course - S-Turns - Turns Around a Point NAVIGATION - Pilotage and Dead Reckoning - Navigation Systems and Radar Services - Diversion - Lost Procedures SLOW FLIGHT AND STALLS - Maneuvering During Slow Flight - Power-Off Stalls - Power-On Stalls - Spin Awareness BASIC INSTRUMENT MANEUVERS - Straight-and-Level Flight - Constant Airspeed Climbs - Constant Airspeed Descents - Turns to Headings - Recovery from Unusual Flight Attitudes - Radio Communications, Navigation Systems/Facilities, 
and Radar Services EMERGENCY OPERATIONS - Emergency Approach and Landing (Simulated) - Systems and Equipment Malfunctions - Emergency Equipment and Survival Gear NIGHT OPERATION - Night Preparation POSTFLIGHT PROCEDURES - After Landing, Parking and Securing - Anchoring (ASES) - Docking and Mooring (ASES) - Ramping/Beaching (ASES) Whether you are a student pilot trying to get a license, or an FAA Examiner testing applicants in these areas, you will find the information presented here to be extremely helpful and easy to understand and use.


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