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***For a limited time, this app is priced at half of its original price. Do not miss this opportunity*** This app provides exam style questions, explanatory ...

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***For a limited time, this app is priced at half of its original price. Do not miss this opportunity*** This app provides exam style questions, explanatory answers and tips for: - FE Exam Morning Session (all disciplines) and - FE Exam Afternoon Session (Electrical Engineering discipline) FE exam morning session is the same for all engineering disciplines, so it can be used by all preparing for FE exam. By taking this sample exam and following the exam tips and advices provided with this app, you can easily pass this critical exam. Do not miss out this great app. This app will put you in the right path for passing this critical exam. It will save you both time and effort. Several users of this great app emailed us about their success stories and how they passed the exam with the help of this app. Not only will you get to see exam style questions, you will also discover tips that are critical for a successful exam prep and a passing score. Questions included with this app are selected carefully to cover important exam topics that you will most likely see in the exam. You will find the explanatory answers provided for each question very useful. They will help you understand the topics better while improving your problem solving skills. It covers all topics based on the most up to date exam coverage for both morning (General Exam) and afternoon (Electrical Engineering Discipline) sessions: Morning session: 1 - Mathematics 2 - Engineering Probability and Statistics 3 - Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics) 4 - Strength of Materials (Mechanics of Materials) 5 - Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer 6 - Fluid Mechanics 7 - Chemistry 8 - Material Properties (Materials Science and Structure of Matter) 9 - Electricity and Magnetism 10 - Computers, Measurements and Controls 11 - Engineering Economics 12 - Ethics and Business Practices Afternoon session (Electrical Engineering Discipline): 1 - Electric Circuits 2 - Power Systems 3 - Electromagnetics 4 - Control Systems 5 - Communications 6 - Signal Processing 7 - Electronics 8 - Digital Systems 9 - Computer Systems More than 120 questions are included with this version. Each question is accompanied with an explanatory answer and exam tips and advices. One module of this app is designated solely for exam tips and advices that apply to both morning and afternoon sessions of FE Exam. To be successful in the FE exam, you do not need to memorize any formulas, equations, identities, etc. All the information you will need is already provided in the exam reference handbook supplied during the exam. What you need the most is to improve your question solving skills. This app is designed to serve that purpose. With this app now in the palm of your hand, you can review and practice sample questions for this critical exam at your convenience. Your future is truly in your hands now! Key to success in any exam is "practice". This app is designed to help you practice questions that are similar to those found in the exam. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! What makes this app even more useful is the list of exam tips and advices provided for each type of exam question. All platforms including iPhone, iTouch and iPad are supported.


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