"FVFVREMOCON" is iPhone application program that the customer who is using "FreshVoice" of the video conference that ANET Co., Ltd. is selling can use. ...

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"FVFVREMOCON" is iPhone application program that the customer who is using "FreshVoice" of the video conference that ANET Co., Ltd. is selling can use. It becomes possible to operate the FreshVoice client from remoteness by using the FVREMOCON. "FVREMOCON" is networked on the FreshVoice client.FreshVoice Address Book information is acquired, and it calls and it cuts it for the member who is listing. (attention)The network environment by the Wi-Fi connection is necessary to use the FVREMOCON. [ FUNCTIONS ] - Login To access the FreshVoice client safely. - Address Book/Detail informations List and detailed info including the status of the user registered in FreshVoice are displayed. - Individual call/Additional call Call the specified user/Additional call the specified user. - Multiple Call Two or more users who select it in the Address Book are called all together. - Call Mode The mixing mode call or the control mode call is specified. - Individual disconnect The selected call is disconnect. - Multiple disconnect All calls are disconnect at a time. - Terminate FVREMOCON Terminate FVREMOCON application program. [ BEFORE YOU BEGIN ] It is necessary to use the FreshVoice system to use the FVREMOCON. Please see here(http://www.freshvoice.net) about the FreshVoice system. Moreover, the FVREMOCON and the FreshVoice client are connected by Wi-Fi. Please confirm it before using whether it can access PC that the FreshVoice client installed from your iPhone. As for the corresponding model and OS information on the FVREMOCON, it is as shown in below. - Target model: iPhone - Target OS: iOS4 - Supported FreshVoice version: V5.0 series: V5.0.4.29 or later V5.1 series: V5.1.10 or later V6.1 series: V6.1.10 or later [ INQUIRY AND ETC. ] Inquiry of FVREMOCON here (fvremocon@anets.co.jp), please. FVREMOCON support site is here(http://www.fresshvoice.net/FVREMOCON_US/). FVREMOCON operation manual is here(http://www.fresshvoice.net/FVREMOCON/Operations.html). Please see here(http://www.freshvoice.net/FVREMOCON_US/Blog/Blog.html) about FAQ.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4

Size: 443.96 KB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by ANET Co., Ltd.

Day of release: 2011-09-21

Recommended age: 4+

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