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Does your child suffer from anxiety or low self-esteem, or do they overly focus on perceived problems? Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem can result ...

Discontinued App


Does your child suffer from anxiety or low self-esteem, or do they overly focus on perceived problems? Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem can result from the habit of focusing on what is wrong with ourselves, other people and/or situations in the world around us. But what if we were able to switch our thinking? More importantly, what if your child could learn to automatically ‘look for the good’ – to be a ‘glass half full’ person and to take that refreshing attitude with them on their journey through life? This simple and effective App helps to reduce anxiety and build resilience by teaching children the important skill of switching their focus from Problems to Possibilities – to consider what they could be, do and have, instead of regurgitating a problem and allowing it to weigh their mind down even more. The App offers encouragement for anyone of any age to align their mind-set with possible positive outcomes, every day before getting out of bed. It requires just a few minutes of daily focus and the benefits are huge! Research shows that regular practice assists the creation of new neural pathways which, when strong enough, allow us to do things automatically (think of how most of us tie our shoelaces without consciously thinking about how we do it). The more we do something in a certain way, the more it becomes an entrenched habit. If the habit is helpful, that’s great! If the habit is creating limitations and negative outcomes, then using the FabFirst5 process, via the FabFirst5 App, (with or without the FabFirst5 School or Home Pack), may help you and your children to create a brighter future for yourselves! Features • No in-App purchasing. No advertising. Safe content. • Clear and colourful illustrations to engage young users; • Simple and effective for children as young as 5 years; • Based upon proven strategies that reduce anxiety and build resilience; • Helps children learn to think optimistically; • Utilises the ‘Art of Distraction’ – a key positive psychology technique; • An excellent communication tool for counsellors, teachers and parents; • Teaches children about simple goal setting and visualising • Allows users to set and review goals for every area of their lives • Ongoing support available via website: www.aforattitude.com.au • Empowering, educational, fun and easy to use! For tips on how to use FabFirst5 more effectively, join us at: www.aforattitude.com.au/fabfirst5-power-tips where you can also find out how parents and kids are using FabFirst5 to change their lives for the better. Why is it called the FabFirst5? The FabFirst5 refers to the Fabulous First 5 Minutes of your day which we suggest is the most appropriate time to consciously align your mind-set with your goals because each morning kicks off a brand new day which is full of new possibilities. Doing this process even before getting out of bed helps to start each day off in a positive and productive way. According to Jenny Williams, National Director of You Can Do It Education, “The ‘FabFirst5’ sets up the classroom for the day.” If students come to class with a head full of worries, they will struggle to focus on their schoolwork, so using the FabFirst5 first thing in the morning, assists students to face and deal with any challenges so they can then get on with the business of learning. About us A for Attitude Productions is a company dedicated to providing life-skills education to benefit children and their families. We do this by producing resources that have proven popular with people of all ages for more than 15 years and our books are distributed in 14 countries in multiple languages. We also provide presentations to parents, teachers and carers of young children. Our mission is to help kids to reduce anxiety and become more optimistic, responsible and resilient.


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Day of release: 2013-10-15

Recommended age: 4+

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