Face Time With Mage Nuttimugs

This hilarious and pioneering children's storybook app stars your child! Take a photo of your child's face, or email the photo you'd like to use to yourself ...

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This hilarious and pioneering children's storybook app stars your child! Take a photo of your child's face, or email the photo you'd like to use to yourself and save it to your "camera roll / saved photos", on your iThingy. Then enjoy the tale of his or her remarkable encounter with the bumbling Mage Nuttimugs. "Face Time With Mage Nuttimugs" reveals the potential of digital media to encourage early reading. It combines the power of a good story and special effects magic to entertain and delight children of all ages. It also gently shares a positive message – you are beautiful just the way you are. Like every Kidztory title, "Face Time With Mage Nuttimugs" is enchantingly illustrated, engagingly narrated and alive with interactive surprises. Choose "Read to me” or “Read by myself" options. ★★★★★ WHAT OTHERS THINK - “This series of classic children’s parables scores by keeping it simple.” “...charming animation...” – The Sunday Times - "I loved the face warps, this is what made me laugh so hard, and my son loves it when I laugh so we all really enjoyed it." – by Amy - "Stepworks does it again, My three kids (ages 2,4,6) love these apps and they love this one too. Engaging plot, fun illustrations, and the face warp is simply hilarious. Great interactive story! Bravo! A+" – by LosHupps - "Love it! So entertaining and makes my 19 month old daughter laugh a lot." – by Zarpia - "I wanted to cry! My daughter is two and a half. I thought she would find it cute but when she saw the images of her face distorted she panicked like I have never seen. I was soooo sad to see her like this." – by Flam Man (From everyone on the Kidztory team, we’re really sorry! Hope she grows to like it soon!) - "We’ve been happy with all their releases but we were delighted to discover that their latest publication “Face Time with Mage Nuttimugs” offers something new. It has a fresh story full of rhythm and rhyme, new animated features, funky music and sound effects, and you can personalize the story with a photo of your choice." – by Kristen ★★★★★ A big thank you to everyone who has downloaded Kidztory apps and told us how much they like them by leaving comments on the app store. More great stories are coming soon. If you like Mage Nuttimugs, please help us spread the word by telling your friends or leaving a comment in the app store. In return we promise to do our best to keep releasing more apps of the same high quality and educational value. Check out our website for more great apps for kids. www.kidztory.com See what we're up to on www.facebook.com/kidztory Looking for more face warping fun? Search the app store for "FaceWarp" or "Cognimatics"


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 41.34 MB


Price: 0,99 €

Developed by Stepworks

Day of release: 2010-05-6

Recommended age: 4+

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