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Fully compatible with iOS 7 Whether you’re in the office, walking the plant floor, or traveling the globe - anywhere you can connect to the internet ...

Discontinued App


Fully compatible with iOS 7 Whether you’re in the office, walking the plant floor, or traveling the globe - anywhere you can connect to the internet - you can monitor your manufacturing operations with FactoryKPIs™ for iOS®. FactoryKPIs™ on Apple® iPad®, iPad® mini, iPhone®, and iPod® touch devices deliver easy-to-read, near real time data, such as production rates, energy usage, goal progress, yield, safety, lab, quality, and asset utilization— to name just a few. FactoryKPIs for iOS is a free app downloaded from the iOS App Store. Upon installation, as long as your device has Internet access, it will automatically connect to, and display data from, a secure, remote, demo-only, simulated manufacturing data source, running KPIServer™. FactoryKPIs for iOS get their data from Software Toolbox’s KPIServer. The KPIServer, in turn, gets its information from your OPC-accessible datasources and/or the Wonderware® Historian. For your actual pilot test or production use, KPIServer is available separately from Software Toolbox at www.factorykpi.com or from your local Software Toolbox distributor. Below are key FactoryKPIs for iOS features and benefits: •Always with you on your iOS device – no need to be tethered to a computer •At-a-glance KPIs and Metrics – minimizes information overload and helps you react quickly •Affordable pricing – starter systems are usually well below capital expenditure approval levels •Connects to your OPC and Wonderware Historian data sources locally and throughout your enterprise – monitor your manufacturing KPIs wherever they are, from wherever you are •Connect using 3G/4G or Wi-Fi – works with VPNs - no need to be out of touch with your manufacturing operations •FactoryKPI metrics alert you to conditions requiring your attention, using standard iOS notification sounds, vibrations, banners, alerts, and the Notification Center – no need to constantly keep your eyes on KPIs •Configurable units of measure and text on each FactoryKPI metric – your information in your terms •Configurable color behavior on each FactoryKPI metric - it’s easy to see changes at a glance •FactoryKPI metrics link to any content accessible by Safari, such as reports, dashboards, maintenance/repair procedures, and HMI screens – leverage your installed data sources and make KPIs affordably available to more decision-makers •FactoryKPIs are read-only – no unexpected process setting changes •Displays the calculations in your existing systems – no redundant calculations or alteration of your data •FactoryKPIs update at user-specified intervals - minimizes your network traffic and data plan charges •Simple, centrally-managed licensing – makes IT administrators’ and managers’ jobs easier •Universal iOS app and KPIServer app are easy to set up - you can be viewing your manufacturing KPIs and taking optimization measures in minutes – fast ROI


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