Customer feedback: "Thanks. Did not expect to replace my desk work, but it is good to have in my hand for studying stocks without being tied to the desk. ...

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Customer feedback: "Thanks. Did not expect to replace my desk work, but it is good to have in my hand for studying stocks without being tied to the desk. It hits most of the stocks I am interested in." (Professional Investment Advisor, Dec. 2012) This App addresses two key investment concerns of any investor: 1) Providing clear objective analysis to your investment strategy through a tool that allows you to determine the Fair Value of a company. 2) Providing objective and quantifiable estimates for the impact of a broad market correction (growth or contraction) on your investment portfolio. See our website for details (http://sites.google.com/site/summitmethods/home), or for iPad users simply click on the App Support link below! INTRODUCTION An effective investor must have a good idea on what the future earnings of a company will be. Is the company growing? For how long will it grow, and with what year-to-year changes? Even if you knew what the likely future growth rates were for a company, do you know what that means regarding the price of the stock? As successful investors know, successful investing is all about getting future earnings correctly analyzed and then described in terms of today’s stock price. Another important aspect of investing is knowing what the impact could be of broad market corrections, growth or contraction, can have on your stock portfolio. If you need a tool that can address both of the above key investment needs, then try this App! This Fair Value + Market Impact App (v2.x) for the iPhone and iPad provides an _easy_ tool for the investor to assess the fair value of a company stock based on the expected growth in future earnings of the company. - Know when the company is over valued (so as to avoid it), and know when it is sufficiently undervalued (so as to warrant the risk in buying it.) - Put clear objective planning in your investment strategy. - Apply modern financial analyses based on data that you can easily understand and provide. - Analyze real PE and PEG (price to earnings, and PE/growth rate) valuations of the company. - Calculate the forward looking fair value of the stock and plot it for easy analysis. - Calculate the relative safety of a stock based on future earnings growth estimates. - Share your analysis with fellow investing partners, friends and collaborators with auto-generation of stock analysis reports. - Analyze the possible impact of broad market growth and contraction on the value of a stock. - Be ahead of the game and get your homework done on time to take advantage of opportunities when offered up by the market. - Avoid paying more than Fair Value of your stock ever again! With this App, finding the Fair Value of your investment is easy. Try it.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0.2

Size: 2.26 MB


Price: 4,49 €

Developed by Summit Methods and Solutions

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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