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FakePhone is the application that I can be dressed in as having had a telephone. I choose the sound pattern and set the time. When that time comes, a ...

Discontinued App


FakePhone is the application that I can be dressed in as having had a telephone. I choose the sound pattern and set the time. When that time comes, a false telephone sounds. (of course I do not really have a telephone.) A sound spreads when I push the call button. I can direct that sudden businesses entered by chiming in on the sound properly. If it is only a ringtone, it is got a similar effect from even an alarm function, but reality rises more by being dressed in the conversation with the sound and becomes easy to get away from the place. In a sense it is possible "to buy time for money". (a fee is saved if I do not participate in positive drinking sessions not to do, and there is a saving at time more.) It is the application that is very ecological in such a meaning;). ◆ Use scene ・ When I want to steal out of the meeting of unpleasant meeting or circles. ・ When I want to decline positive drinking sessions not to do. (when I want to get away.) ・ When I want to decline overtime work. When I want to break off a business talk. ・ When I want to decline the invitations from the opposite sex. ・ When a friend wants to appeal to you for many things. ・ When I want to leave a meeting or a meeting halfway for some reason. I think that there is other various how to use. ◆ Main function ・ Four kinds of sound patterns I am available from man, woman and each business version, four ways of the hobby version. It is contents introducing that "a sudden business entered" into both sounds. (contents of 20-30 seconds) ・ It is not from a speaker, and the sound spreads from the ear. Because I drift from an upper speaker, as for the ringtone, the sound can express a real call from a lower speaker. ・ By a moderate interval and conversation, I direct reality There is a moderate "interval" for a sound. Is suitable for the "room"; please chime in. I prevent it from reaction that is apt to become unnatural and a conversation becomes strangely short, and becoming unnatural by there being a conversation. ・ The timer can set incoming time by chopping fine for one minute. I set the time when I want to return beforehand. I leave the time a little, and the receipt is possible if I register a plural number. ・ I can set the sender name to five people. Because I can set the receipt to five beforehand, I add it and the place and can set it beforehand. ・ I redial to a maximum, four times. Because it is which to the fourth or should come over to the telephone to 1-3 times if you set it in four times by "the repetition" of the setting window even if you cannot appear, ・ The ringtone is selectable from a music library of iPhone in addition to three of basics. I can choose the basic ringtone among a marimba xylophone, a black telephone. In addition, because can choose it among a music library. ・ The ON-OFF setting of vibes is possible. I am reliable in the vibes group. The setting of vibes is possible, too. There is no it and can set a ringtone. ・ It is hard to remind you that it is false telegram talk application. The application name is English notation, and the icon is not seen for the feeling such application that I watched suddenly because I do it in an incomprehensible design directly. I will plan English version, a Chinese edition in future. The person of the international group can use it, too. [the 2002 Business model patent acquisition] Plan development Hiro293/ tripot


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 6.93 MB


Price: 1,79 €

Developed by tripot

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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